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Causeway Bay · Italian
11 Reviews


As cryptic as its name may seem, ZUC.CCH.ERO is, simply put, a laboratory for culinary wizardry with a focus on desserts. The name derives from the Italian word for sugar, with an added ‘C’ to keep the enigma alive. Here, molecular gastronomy finds a sweet-toothed audience, and the aesthetics of the perfect pudding transcend the plate to transform this hidden gem of a restaurant into a gesamtkunstwerk, a total artwork, that gently assaults the senses, massages the midriff and soothes the soul. Located at the Bartlock Centre, with access tucked down Yiu Wa Street in the Bowrington neighbourhood of Causeway Bay, ZUC.CCH.ERO might be hard to find, and its concept hard to encompass in mere words, but believe us, a reservation will be rewarded.


3 Yiu Wah Street 1802-1803, Bartlock Center
Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

Opening Times

Closed today

Chef's Choice




Pineapple jelly, coconut meringue, mango sorbet, bamboo cake, chilli kuzu

King Corn

Corn Cream , caramel pop-corn, strawberry, bulgar ice-cream, cocoa tuile


Green apple & common fig, blood orange sorbet, pistachio tuile, jasmine tea jelly


Peach on the Beach

White peach mousse, ruby peach sauce, moscato jelly, yoghurt ice-cream

Mars Mission

Blood orange jelly, caramel ice cream, dulcey chocolate mousse, earl grey foam

Break the Tear

Gorganzola ice-cream, celery ice, port wine sauce, walnut and hazelnut


Five Am Red ale- 5%


Punk Ipa- 5.6%


Vafabond Pale ALe- 4.5%


11 ZUC.CCH.ERO Reviews

Sierra N.a year ago · 1 review

Good services and tasty, all food are super beautiful, the place is clean, and nice place to take photo! Good choice for celebrate birthday. :)

Amy A.a year ago · 1 review

Good artistic dessert, staff is very welcoming and informative. All of us enjoy a lot each kind of dessert. Will definitely bring my kids here again!

Hon Kit C.a year ago · 1 review

highly recommended to friends, couples who want a relaxing place to enjoy a decent dessert time. The environment was slow and ralaxing, so perfect for people who has a full working day and wanna take a rest.

Mei Yun L.a year ago · 1 review

It was great service, food was great and beautiful! Because we were early and they allowed us to sit longer to chat. A great quiet place to hang out with friends! I would suggest to go after dinner hours as dinner hours waiting for the lifts could be quite packed.

Betty L.8 months ago · 1 review

Took a friend here to celebrate her bday and she loved it! We sat at the bar top so we could see the desserts in making. Break the Tear is a must try for first goers. Its form is elegant and fun to eat. It was a harmonised mix of sweet and salty cheesy flavour which is rare but quite refreshing. The place consists of only few tables but the environment is pleasant and people there welcomed questions and were friendly to talk to :)

Crystal N.a year ago · 1 review

Really interesting restaurant with very friendly staff. I definitely recommend the Rolax ball, the mango inside is heavenly. Their drinks are always very refreshing and tasty! Perfect for dates or for small groups, but it might not be the best place for a large group because the bar table sitting makes it hard to have a conversation between too many people.

yvonne y.a year ago · 2 reviews

I tried that last week. Even though it was already 10pm, surprisingly quite a lot people would like to try. Break my tear is definitely eye catching, blue tone and special outlook attract me a lot. It was made of blue cheese ice cream, with crunch as well as celery ice, could be a perfect match.

Stefanie S.a year ago · 1 review

Friendly atmosphere. Staff were very attentive and very friendly. Dessert was pretty but didn't taste too amazing. But I would go back to try others. Thank you again for the staff

cherry w.a year ago · 1 review

The resturant was amazing, nice desert and nice staff , highly recommended if you have never been to this resturant. They have lots of creative desert .

Queenie W.a year ago · 1 review

We went early and there was not much people yet, The dessert was so pretty and was like A piece of art! Definitely worth trying!

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