About 泰榮華Thai Wing Wah

Nom nom on at Nam On Court and Thai Wing Wah, a Thai restaurant in Shau Kei Wan that puts shabu shabu to shame in order to place more mookata, tom yum, pad Thai and much, much more on a pedestal. Nam On Court is on Nam On Street, and it’s here that Thai Wing Wah sits on its golden throne making golden food for golden Hong Kong people. Get yourself a flat head grey mullet (the fish, not the hairdo!) and have it done in a Thai pot style, man. Or go fried fish Indonesian style, or even cross the border into China and smuggle back some sauteed sliced pork in a spicy Sichuan style. Take it back to tradition and do chilli chicken Thai-style, tickle your ribs with a rack of spicy garlic ones, or go for a big BBQ plate heaped with squid, beef, pork and chicken gizzards. Thai Wing Wah!

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Open now - Closes at 1:00 am
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泰榮華Thai Wing Wah
95 Nam On Street
Shau Kei Wan, Hong Kong

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Chef's Recommendations

​泰​皇椰汁海皇飯 Seafood & Coconut Fried Rice


泰 ​式 辣 ​炒海上鮮 ​ ​Spicy Stir Fried Seafood


​串燒拼盤 ​ BBQ Plate

Squid, beef, pork, chicken, chicken gizzard

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