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There are few things that Hong Kong does better than Chinese food, and the Cantonese offerings available are up there at the top of the culinary tree in the city. If you’re in the mood for a Cantonese classic, then look no further than Sportful Garden, where they have been spreading the love for dim sum all over Hong Kong with great effect. They have over 10 locations, and when you’re in Kowloon Bay, then their outlet on Sheung Yuet Road is the place for you, with dim sum delights that just keep coming and coming until you’re sated. Book a table now and head on over for some dim sum in Hong Kong that is worth writing home about.

陶源酒家(鮑魚專門店)於2002年在香港正式開業,專門提供中高檔粵式菜餚、創意精緻點心及其他名貴食材,如:鮑魚、海參、鮮活海鮮和燕窩等。九龍灣店位處九龍灣企業廣場1期,鄰貼大型商場Mega Box,交通便利,公共運輸交匯處近在咫尺。店內裝潢高貴優雅,開揚設計配上巨型吊燈,方便各式宴會上的佈置,實是婚宴喜酌及商務宴會的理想之地。現時陶源分店總共12間,每間分店設有不同的招牌菜式可供顧客選擇。

九龍灣陶源分店的必試招牌菜式為「一哥叉燒」。(Signature Barbequed Pork)

Opening Times

Open now - Closes at 11:00 pm
10:00 am - 11:00 pm
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陶源酒家 Sportful Garden Restaurant - Kowloon Bay
9 Sheung Yuet Road, G/F, Tower One, Enterprise Square,
Kowloon Bay, Hong Kong

Menu Highlights




Roasted Streaky Pork


Wagyu Beef with Black Garlic and Scallion


Abalone Bean Curd Roll

Chef's Recommendations


Steamed Conch Winter Melon Cup


The Fresh Wen Chang Chicken


Honey Roast Eel



Marble Steak with Thyme


Steamed Fresh Prawns


Signature Barbequed Pork



Shrimp Crab Race with Truffle


Soy Garlic Okra & Pork


Shallot Sea Cucumber & Chicken Pot

More about 陶源酒家 Sportful Garden Restaurant - Kowloon Bay, Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a Chinese food lovers paradise, and there are a myriad of restaurants to go to if you want to try the very best. In the pantheon of culinary traditions in China, Cantonese is right up there with the most respected, and the pinnacle of Cantonese food is found on the dim sum menu. If you want to pick up some top notch dim sum in Hong Kong, then look no further than Sportful Garden in Kowloon Bay, where they offer an introduction to the finer points of steamed, fried, roasted and poached dishes. Gather up a few friends and head out to Sheung Yuet Road to enjoy their elegant decor, their giant chandelier and their open design, as well as trying a few delicacies.

The menu that you will encounter on arrival at Sportful Garden is extensive, so let us give you a flavour of that you will find. Meat portions come plentifully: there is pork belly, roasted and crispy, or chicken feet, served with an abalone sauce; beef, marinated and sliced, and duck tongue, accompanied by jelly fish. Seafood lovers can go for the shrimp dumplings with gold foil, and vegetarians are well-catered for all over the menu, so regardless of whoever comes with you, you can be sure of finding something that everyone can enjoy. Visit them on Sheung Yuet Road in Kowloon Bay for some of the best dim sum in Hong Kong – just remember to reserve ahead of time, as they do get crowded on occasion.

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