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Hong Kong
Wan Chai
Simmer Huang 香港黃記煌

Simmer Huang 香港黃記煌

Hotpot, Chinese, Asian

Dishes priced around$146


3 reviews

Photo of restaurant Simmer Huang 香港黃記煌 in Wan Chai, Hong Kong
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About Simmer Huang 香港黃記煌

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More about the restaurant: Simmer Huang 香港黃記煌

Simmer Huang is synonymous with Chinese hotpot-style dining across mainland China, Singapore, Indonesia, Australia and elsewhere, with over 500 restaurants in the family. And now this veritable empire has an outpost in Hong Kong with a flagship location at Morrison Plaza, on the corner of Wan Chai and Morrison Hill Road. Bridging traditional and truly imperial Chinese cuisine and modern sensibilities, Simmer Huang is set to take hotpot-mad Hong Kong by storm! Book now for first-taste tables!

黃記煌是中式火鍋始祖,在中國、新加坡、印尼、澳洲等地有超過500間分店 ,正式打入香港,在灣仔摩利臣山道的天樂廣場駐腳,結合傳統皇室中菜及現 代感官元素。

Frequently asked questions

Does the restaurant Simmer Huang 香港黃記煌 have Outdoor seating?

No, the restaurant Simmer Huang 香港黃記煌 has no Outdoor seating.

Does the restaurant Simmer Huang 香港黃記煌 have parking?

No, the restaurant Simmer Huang 香港黃記煌 has no parking.

Thinking about making a Simmer Huang 香港黃記煌 booking?

Simmer Huang is well-known throughout the Asia-Pacific region – not a surprise considering that this Wan Chai outpost is one among over 500 Simmer Huang restaurants in the family. This Chinese hotpot restaurant brand soared into the consciousness of Asian gourmets when their specialty, a three-sauce simmer pot made according to a recipe that was popular in the court of the Qing Dynasty, was launched in Beijing back in 2004. Unlike the usual hotpot method that Hong Kong diners will be familiar with, Simmer Huang recommends diners gently simmer their chosen ingredients in a minimum of broth, ladling on the good stuff only when you’re ready to eat, preserving both nutritional value and flavour. Good call, Simmer Huang.

A tried and tested – and very social way – way to dine, Hong Kong’s hotpot-heads will still au fait with Simmer Huang’s basic experience: choose your weapons – seafood and fish, meat and poultry vegetables and sundries, chuck them in the pot and apply the broth of your choice. Eat, rinse and repeat. Besides your simmer-style hotpot options, Simmer Huang’s new Wan Chai restaurant at Morrison Plaza (on the corner of Wan Chai Road and Morrison Hill Road) also offers a range of Sichuan- and Beijing-style cold dishes and snacks. Be sure to book to beat the rush.

黃記煌憑著改良自清朝食譜的招牌菜式三汁燜鍋享譽亞太區,於2004年在北京 開業。與香港火鍋不同的是,三汁燜鍋靠食物自身的水分將其燜熟,以保存食 物的營養及原味。

在灣仔摩利臣山道的香港黃記煌除了燜鍋外,還設有四川風及北京風的冷盤和 小食。在灣仔也能品嚐清朝帝皇御膳,還不火速訂座?