About Sijie Sichuan Restaurant / 四姐川菜

Surprise! Hong Kong is packed with Chinese restaurants, and neither does it lack for specifically Sichuan cuisine. Yet there are incredible gems to be found in unassuming locations that will blow you away (literally, considering the infamous spice of Sichuan Chinese food), if you could only find them. Let us do the looking, and let us introduce you to Sijie Sichuan Restaurant, a hotspot (very hot) for lazy susans laden with spicy Chinese, hidden in the Bartlock Centre along Yiu Wa Street in Causeway Bay.

香港是一個美食天堂, 想要找到好吃的四川菜也很容易。位於銅鑼灣耀華街的四 姐川菜將會是一個麻辣火鍋隱世天堂。

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Sijie Sichuan Restaurant / 四姐川菜
10/F Bartlock Centre, 3 Yiu Wa Street
Hong Kong, Hong Kong

Menu Highlights



Sichuan Cold Noodles

Pork Belly in Spicy Garlic Sauce

Sliced Spiced Beef and Tripe

More about Sijie Sichuan Restaurant / 四姐川菜, Hong Kong

Moving its private kitchen-style dining experience from Lockhart Road to more fully restaurant-worthy quarters in the Bartlock Centre down Yiu Wa Street in Causeway Bay, Sijie Sichuan Restaurant hasn’t stopped going about its daily business of knocking the socks of Hong Kong’s chilli and Chinese Sichuan cuisine fans. Traditional sock-knocking and tongue-numbing dishes are the forte here, and one must always begin with the unmissable spicy and sour chilli cucumber – a Sichuan classic and a great way to begin your fiery feast at Sijie. That said, if you’re a wimp (what are you doing considering Chinese Sichuan?), you can opt for a less hot, more garlicky version.

A firm favourite among the fans who’ve made Sijie Sichuan Restaurant a regular haunt is the awe-inspiringly hot poached fish in chilli oil, which can put even spice veterans out of action for some time if they’re not careful to avoid the Sichuan peppercorns that give this (and most others on the menu!) their kick. Okay, we concede that there is a small non-spicy selection available here, but in the balance there are also some fantastically esoteric Sichuan dishes on offer at this special Hong Kong Chinese restaurant: poached sauteed frog in hot chilli oil, duck blood in chilli sauce… this is a properly authentic restaurant, no bones about it (except in some soups, perhaps). A final recommendation would be the fixed price banqueting option, where several appetisers, mains and more can be chosen depending on the size of your party. Be sure to pre-order when you book your tables at Sijie Sichuan’s Yiu Wa Street, Causeway Bay premises, and prepare to have the heat turned up on you.

四姐川菜的水煮魚是餐廳的最受歡迎食之一。餐廳為了照顧顧客的需要,餐牌 是設有其他比較溫和的辣度的。大廚推介為四川涼麵, 紅油抄手, 回鍋肉, 蒜泥白 肉。

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