About Shoku Japanese Binchotan Grill 笑酤和味炭燒

With so many top-class Japanese eateries crowded into the city, you may be surprised to learn that one of Hong Kong’s very best and most authentic Japanese restaurants is just a stone’s throw from the golden sands at Repulse Bay. Shoku Japanese Binchotan Grill on Beach Road hosts perhaps Hong Kong’s biggest traditional binchotan-burning grill, so you should not miss the chance to experience the magic of properly slow-smoked Japanese food while at the beach. The poster boys of binchotan include whole skewered kinki (orange roughy), crispy suckling pig with sake poached pear, and the incredibly tender wagyu steak. However, vegetarians need not feel left out, as there are plenty of delicious vegetarian options from the grill as well as bright, healthy salads; and a range of exquisite cocktails (start with the signature shoku martini, a twist on a classic with a fruity, plum wine base) and delicious grazing snacks complete the picture for one of Hong Kong’s top Japanese joints.

Opening Times

Open today - Opens at 12:00 pm
12:00 pm - 4:30 pm
6:00 pm - 10:00 pm
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Shoku Japanese Binchotan Grill 笑酤和味炭燒
Beach Road, G/F, Shop 109, Beachfront, The Pulse, 26-30
Repulse Bay, Hong Kong

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Tasting Menu

seasme dressing, Izayaka-style butter lettuce green salad, Shoku-style gucamole and prawn salad, White avocado on mixed salad leaves with shoyu dressing

Binchotan Grilled Meat and Vegetables on Skewers (choose 3): Ox tongue, Chicken wings, Sagabuta pork with sallions, Japanese leek - 2 skewers, Brown mushroom - 2 skewers, White mushroom - 2 skewers, Asparagus - 2 skewers, Baby green pepper - 2 skewers, Garlic - 2 skewers, Grilled ox tongue topped with avocado

Binchotan Grilled Charcoal Main Course (choose 1): Prime wagyu steak, Japanese sagabuta pork collar, Today's catch (whole fish on the grill)

Rice & Noodles Menu (choose 1): Japanese noodle in shoyu soup in vegetables, Chilled japanese noodles, Grilled eel fried rice, Sakura shrimp fried rice with black truffle

Shoku Dessert Trio

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