About 米走雞 Running Chicken - 長沙灣店 Cheung Sha Wan

Who would’ve ever thought that cheese and hotpot goes together like peaches and cream? Running Chicken did, and they took that idea and ran with it. Now with two locations in Hong Kong – this branch in Cheung Sha Wan and another in Prince Edward – and a reputation that’s known throughout the city, Running Chicken is a household name for hotpot lovers, drawing in regulars from all corner of Hong Kong to get down on some seriously delicious Chinese cuisine. If you’re up for it, get the cheesy chicken hotpot and chow down on tender chicken and noodles in a nacho cheese sauce that’s unlike anything you’ve ever tasted before, or go a more traditional route by slurping down some spicy chicken broth accompanied by ingredients like tofu puffs, sprouts and mushrooms. Swing by Running Chicken on Castle Peak Road the next time you want to take hotpot-dining to the next level, but do make sure to book beforehand.

Opening Times

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6:00 pm - 12:00 am
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米走雞 Running Chicken - 長沙灣店 Cheung Sha Wan
Castle Peak Road G/F., 383
Cheung Sha Wan, Hong Kong

Menu Highlights



火焰麻辣雞煲 Sichuan’s spicy style

(大)$178(4人) (Large, for 4 people)
(小) $138(2-3人) (Small, for 2-3 people)

黃金芝士雞煲 Golden Cheese

(大)$188(4人) (Large, for 4 people)
(小) $148(2-3人) (Small, for 2-3 people)


滑雞片Sliced chicken


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