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About Qi Zhong Tian / 七重天

Travel through a timewarp to Qi Zhong Tian’s cocktail heaven down Causeway Bay’s Tang Lung Street. It might be twenty-first century Hong Kong, but here you can experience a mashup of Japanese, Western, and Chinese style, all to the crazy rock beat of the swinging 60s and 70s. It’s a groove you can all jive to – just be careful when you sample boss Eric’s stash of signature cocktails. Three rounds and you’re out!

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Qi Zhong Tian / 七重天
28 19/F, Circle Tower, Tang Lung Street
Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

Menu Highlights



Exotic Chicken On Stick


Explosive Chicken Wings


Boobie Cheese Rice Cake


More about Qi Zhong Tian / 七重天, Hong Kong

Thanks to the intelligent design decisions of Qi Zhong Tian’s boss Eric, who made a special trip to the Chinese mainland for antique decorations, this restaurant along Tang Lung Street in Hong Kong’s Causeway Bay has a great, dimly-lit sixties’ vibe a la Wong Kar Wai’s In The Mood For Love. Custom- made sofas, colourful interior dividers, a nostalgic brick floor, all in a vintage Chinese style, make you feel right at home here – if out of joint in terms of time. That is, you’ll feel right at home in another decade filled with the retro-futuristic, neo-noir intrigue that you regularly fantasise being embroiled in. Well, besides the suggestive décor, here at least you can get embroiled in some excellent food and drink.

And there’s lots of drink at Qi Zhong Tian. Japanese sake, whiskies, international wines, plus the signature Qi Zhong Tian cocktail. Or rather, the seven signature cocktails, each with a different colour, taste, and character. As the proprietors of this Hong Kong lounge bar along Causeway Bay’s Tang Lung Street attempt to communicate to their patrons, do not underestimate the implications of these seven cocktail cups … with an ultra-alcoholic bite, most guests are three cups in and they’re drunk. Forget YOLO – James Bond would love this place and, seeing as you only live twice, bring it on both shaken and stirred.

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