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Mong KokAmerican, Western$$$$
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Mong Kok
Cafe Idea

Green Waffle Diner - Central

Green Waffle Diner - Central

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Dinner Set<br>

蟹肉沙律 Crab Meat Salad

黑松露忌廉汁雜菌意粉 Spaghetti with Mix Mushroom and Black Truffle HKD 128
馬酥里拉焗海鮮飯 Baked Rice with Mozzereal Seafood HKD 128
香煎龍脷配牛油檸檬汁 (番茄、蘆筍) Pan Fried Sole Fillet with Tomato and Aspaeagus in Lemon Butter Sauce HKD 148
薄切牛柳配蘑菇燒汁 Sliced Siriain with Potato Widgets in Mushroom Gravy Sauce HKD 148

芒果芝士蛋糕 Mango Cheese Cake

奉送HKD43 飲品一杯 (其他補差價) Complimentary One Drink HKD 43


海洋 Ocean


熱情森芭 Hot Somba


青蛙王子 Prince Frog

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