About Nanbantei of Tokyo 南蛮亭

It’s all about skewers, skewers, and more skewers over at Hong Kong’s Nanbantei of Tokyo. Fans of yakitori are heading over to this local restaurant in droves in order to get their fix, and we can’t blame them! The food here is fresh, delicious and authentic – it’s the perfect place to impress your friends or loved ones with your sophisticated knowledge of Japanese cuisine. Found at Henry House on Yun Ping Road, Nanbantei of Tokyo is a must-visit for Causeway Bay foodies.

Opening Times

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12:00 pm - 2:30 pm
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Nanbantei of Tokyo 南蛮亭
42 6/F, Henry House, Yun Ping Road
Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

Menu Highlights



Fresh Vegetable Sticks

新鮮菜條 / 野菜サラタ

Cold Bean Curd

冷豆腐 / 冷奴

Caesar Salad in Nanban Dressing

南蛮田園沙律 / 南蛮田園サラダ

Sakura Shrimp Salad in Japanese Sesame Dressing

芝蔴櫻花蝦沙律 / 胡麻櫻花海老サラダ

Seafood Salad in Truffle Dressing

松露海鮮沙律 / 松茸ソ一スの海鮮サラダ


Grilled Lamb Skin

羊皮 / マトン焼き

Gyu Tan ‒ Grilled House Specialty Beef Tongue

燒牛舌 / 牛夕ン塩焼き

Ramu Yaki ‒ Grilled Lamb Chop with Black Pepper

羊䓻 / ラムチョッブ焼き

Grilled Thick Sliced Beef Tongue

燒厚切牛舌 / 厚く切り牛タン焼き

Grilled Goose Liver

燒法國鵝肝 / フォアクラ


Namazake Yaki ‒ Salmon Wrapped with Bacon

煙肉三文魚卷 / べ一コン生鮭焼き

Prawn Wrapped with Chicken Skin and Shiso

雞皮蝦大葉卷 / 海老の鶏皮包み

Grilled Japanese Hiroshima Oyster

廣島蠔 / 広島カキの塩焼き

Nama Unagi ‒ Grilled Fresh Eel

鹽燒鮮白䩯 / 活鰻塩焼き

Kuruma Ebi ‒ Grilled Jumbo Prawns

鹽燒大蝦 / 車海老塩焼き

Main Menu

Chicken Wing Stuffed with Fish Roe


Foie Groie


Guest Post


Nanbantei Henry House


Laichee Roll


Shrimp Shiso Roll


More about Nanbantei of Tokyo 南蛮亭, Hong Kong

At Nanbantei of Tokyo – at Henry House on Hong Kong’s Yun Ping Road – yakitori is elevated to exciting new heights. Meat on skewers is king here, and with numerous options ranging from steak to seafood, you’ll be spoilt for choice when dining at this Causeway Bay favourite. The chic Japanese design scheme throughout the restaurant transports diners to a restaurant in Tokyo, and you’ll feel like a winner when chowing down on these yakitori delights fit for an emperor.

Once seated at Hong Kong’s Nanbantei of Tokyo, you’ll feel right at home in the restaurant’s peaceful environment. Enjoy your meat of choice – go for baby squid, chicken wings, pork or beef – grilled to perfection on a skewer, or go veg and try the delicious leeks, tofu, corn or asparagus. Order a cup of Japanese green tea to accompany your meal – it’s the perfect beverage to wash down your selection and cleanse your palate. Get your fix on a stick over at Nanbantei of Tokyo in Causeway Bay, but make sure to book ahead to snag the perfect table!

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Waiting time:Exceptionally good
Value for money:Great value
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Paul M.a year ago · 2 reviews

Food was fantastic, much bigger choice than most Yakitori places we have tried. Staff very friendly and helpful, and the manager (i assume), Thomas, is a super nice guy! Cosy venue. Recommend the lamb skin, that stuff is so good!

Jacob C.2 years ago · 1 review

Staff is friendly and attentive, food is superb! We were there early so there was no crowd and had some good conversations with the owner/manager.

Janice W.2 years ago · 5 reviews

The waiters were extremely attentive and helpful, they kept filling my tea cup without me having to ask, which seldom happens when restaurant is busy. We think the sauces were all very tasty and compliment the food well. And the food were delicious. Would definitely recommend to a friend.

Jim H.a year ago · 1 review

Very nice restaurant with excellent BBQ skewers. Limited selection of drinks if you don't drink sake but overall good atmosphere in this small CB based place.

Eugenia T.2 years ago · 1 review

Ordered the seafood set dinner for 2 and a bottle of sake. The seafood was fresh and delicious, and the sake was not bad either. There is space between tables so even though the restaurant was quite full that evening it was not noisy. It was a good dining experience, have already gone back for dinner.

Cecilia T.2 years ago · 1 review

Food is consistent in quality and good value for money! Head waiter was great, other waiters were not well trained. Couldn't explain the food to us (not sure if it was a language thing or simply not enough knowledge about the food). Small remark: no sparkling water available.

Nancy R.2 years ago · 2 reviews

Cozy relaxed atmosphere with good value on the set meal. Enjoyable evening even if the meal came about quickly. We would definitely go back again

Jo L.2 years ago · 2 reviews

Loved the mentaiko onigiri, tebasaki and ox tongue! The ambience was a big plus point too. Will definitely be back again when in Hong Kong.