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About Morihachi Yakiniku Tst 盛八日式燒肉店 - 尖沙咀

The bustling foodie and retail paradise of the Ashley Centre down namesake Ashley Road is a certifiable hotspot for Hong Kong’s foodies. If you’ve kept your nose clean, your eyes and onions peeled and your ears to the tracks you would have already heard about the new culinary style taking the city by storm, and taking over from the tried-and-tested (and still beloved) booze-and-skewers formula of Japanese yakitori. Let us introduce Morihachi Yakiniku, whose surname is identical to the Japanese style of auto-barbecuing known as yakiniku. There are several Morihachis about town to say ohayoo to, but this Tsim Sha Tsui outpost is set to pack out night after night.


Opening Times

Open now - Closes at 12:00 am
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Morihachi Yakiniku Tst 盛八日式燒肉店 - 尖沙咀
23-25 Ashley Road
NA, Hong Kong

Menu Highlights





Fish Cake



Hokkaido Potato Salad


More about Morihachi Yakiniku Tst 盛八日式燒肉店 - 尖沙咀, Hong Kong

From hotpot to yakiniku, there’s a strange appeal to taking your seat at a restaurant and paying someone to not cook your food but simply bring the raw matter that comprises a meal to your table where you can do all the hard, smoky work. Hong Kong diners love to forget home-cooking and set up their own little bubble of a private kitchen surrounded by other cabin-fevered souls doing exactly the same thing – laying strips of meat and piles of vegetables onto a barbecue grill set into their tables and eating the product of their labour. Granted, Morihachi Yakiniku’s fridge at their Tsim Sha Tsui premises down Ashley Road is packed with a whole lot more than your average private citizen could wish to have in their miniscule cool-box back home.

Premium Wagyu beef looms large over the menu at Morihachi Yakiniku, the prized heavily marbled beef sourced from Japanese cattle that have been fed a royal diet, petted and massaged for a lengthy span of their relatively privileged lifespans before being saluted and sent off to slaughter. Dropped sizzling to the table-top barbecues at Morihachi’s Ashley Centre premises, close to Tsim Sha Tsui station and set inside the well-known Ashley Centre, the high-fat content of these premium cuts melts away for the most tender steak strips you can imagine. There’s plenty more to indulge in here – seafood, vegetables, poultry, plenty of sides and good drink – but as many reviewers have warned, don’t wear your Sunday best lest you want your suit to remind you of that happy evening at this top yakiniku establishment until the day you’re buried in it!



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