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At Cameron Plaza, up on the second floor, is the headquarters of one of Hong Kong’s most quietly careful purveyors of fine Japanese sushi. Granted, there are many options for far Eastern dining in and around Cameron Road and Tsim Sha Tsui, but there are few restaurants that demonstrate such attentiveness to the selection of their ingredients – primary in the case of Mikasaya is the sourcing of only the freshest fish and seafood – and the thoughtful presentation of each and every dish. Match this considered, artful approach with a chic sushi bar setting and you have a winner.

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Mikasaya Sushi Restaurant
Unit B, 2/F, Cameron Plaza, 23-25A Cameron Road
Hong Kong, Hong Kong

Menu Highlights



Tuna on Rice Set


Mini Tuna Belly with Onion on Rice and Mini Hot Udon Set


Sea Urchin, Salmon's Roe, Sweet Shrimp & Tuna Belly with onions on Rice Set



Mini Scattered Sushi & Mini Hot Udon Set


Sushi & Udon Set Lunch


Optional Sushi Set Lunch

16 pieces

Set Menu

Tempura Set Lunch


Deep-fried Chicken with Tartar Sauce


Sashimi Set Lunch


More about Mikasaya Sushi Restaurant, Hong Kong

With an open kitchen up on the second floor above Cameron Plaza, within easy reach of Tsim Sha Tsui station, you can watch Mikasaya Sushi Restaurant’s maestros at work. Fresh seafood is flown regularly to this accomplished Japanese restaurant’s Cameron Road premises, to be handled with the respect that only the best Japanese sushi chefs afford their quarry, from initial preparation to presentation. Mikasaya’s beautifully presented creations are sometimes too sublime to eat – but eat we do, and though there is a strong sense of humility at work here, we think Mikasaya deserves a fanfare from Hong Kong’s foodies.

Popular among Tsim Sha Tsui’s workaday crowd is Mikasaya Sushi Restaurant’s Japanese-style set lunch, resting on a central offering of delicate sushi and sashimi pieces with rice, miso soup, pickles and sides, salad and tea – all for a price that will have so-called upscale Hong Kong Japanese restaurants blushing with embarrassment given the lengths that Mikasaya goes to secure the best ingredients and create their diminutive culinary artworks. Upping the ante even further, Mikasaya’s grilled pork with miso and grilled silver cod with miso set lunches pivot around a single main dish for a tightly focused Eastern meal. At the really premium end of the spectrum lie Mikasaya’s mixed selection of sea urchin, salmon roe, sweet shrimp and tuna belly set, and the luxurious omakase sushi set – highly recommended.

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