About Loveforsale x Zwing

Emergency Lab is an experimental art space championing emerging talent in Hong Kong. Operating from third floor premises along Lockhart Road, a stone’s throw away from Causeway Bay station, Emergency Lab also plays host to Zwing Cafe. This casual cafe-restaurant doubles as a shop that sells all manner of design objects and artworks, making it perfect if you want to feast your eyes, feed your mind and refuel all at the same spot. An extensive list of hot and cold beverages meets a menu dominated by Asian cuisine, with a few European flourishes for good measure. Do remember that Zwing is a member’s only hangout, so be sure to book.

Opening Times

Open now - Closes at 11:00 pm
12:00 pm - 11:00 pm
12:00 pm - 11:00 pm
12:00 pm - 11:00 pm
12:00 pm - 11:00 pm
12:00 pm - 11:00 pm
12:00 pm - 11:00 pm
12:00 pm - 11:00 pm


Loveforsale x Zwing
506 3F, Lockhart Road
Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

Menu Highlights



生炒臘味糯米飯<br>Pan Fried Sticky Rice

日式牛肉飯<br>Japanese Beef Rice

杏仁蜜糖雞翼 + 白酒海鮮意粉<br>Almond Honey Wings + White Wine Seafood Pasta

檸檬刁草雞翼 + 煙三文魚藍芝士意粉<br>Lemon Herbs Chicken Wings + Smoked Salmon Blue Cheese Spaghetti

花雕醉雞翼 + 菜飯<br>Drunken Chicken Wings

沙嗲雞翼 + 印尼炒飯<br>Satay Chicken Wings + Indonesian Fried Rice

蜜糖燒雞翼 + 香蒜磨菇煙肉炒飯<br>Honey Chicken Wings + Garlic Mushroom Bacon Fried Rice

牛油雞翼<br>Butter Chicken Wings

瑞士雞翼<br>Swiss Chicken Wings



Herbal Flower Tea

Rose petal & jujube tea w/ honey

Lemon Citron Tea w/ Honey

Rose Tea Latte

Rose Cappuncino

Ice Soda Rose









Flavour syrup
- rose | almond | gingerbread | vanilla
- whipcream | cinnamon | brownsugar
- chocolate or caramel syrup

Hot Chocolate

Choice of milk, silm milk, cream, soy milk
- regular, mint, or raspberry
- mashmellow | whipcream | chocolate power | brownsugar

Rooibos Tea

Regular | mint | vanilla | honeybush

Peppermint Tea

Camomile Tea

Earl Grey

Choice of milk & honey

Green Tea Latte



Apple Banana

Rose & Strawberry

Kiwi Ginger

Blueberry Lavender

More about Loveforsale x Zwing, Hong Kong

Many visitors to Hong Kong’s art incubator Emergency Lab stop by Zwing Cafe for a good coffee (the rose latte is a fruity surprise), all manner of teas, hot chocolates and smoothies. Heading up to the mixed use gallery, cafe, and gift shop space is a fantastic way to unqind if you’re in the vicinity of Lockhart Road and Causeway Bay, and while you’re there you’re very likely to be tempted by Zwing’s surprisingly comprehensive lunch menu of Asian and European food.

The kitchen at Zwing @ Emergency Lab is headed up by Hong Kong chef Carl L., whose specialties include chicken wings, a whole lotta chicken wings. Order a serve cooked Swiss-style, satay, lemon and herbs served up with salmon and blue cheese spaghetti, almong honey wings with seafood pasta in a white wine sauce, or honey chicken wings served with garlicky mushroom and bacon fried rice. We like the drunken chicken wings best of all! Japanese beef rice, curries, and pizza round out the selection at this tidy little Causeway Bay cafe-restaurant, but be sure to remember that Zwing is open to members only, or for private hire and events.

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