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Hong Kong
Tsim Sha Tsui
Kaika Sushi & Teppanyaki 海賀
Kaika Sushi & Teppanyaki 海賀 Reviews

Kaika Sushi & Teppanyaki 海賀

Japanese, Asian, Sushi

Dishes priced around$377

Photo of restaurant Kaika Sushi & Teppanyaki 海賀 in Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong

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Reviews of Kaika Sushi & Teppanyaki 海賀 (11)

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11 reviews

Value for money:Good value
Waiting time:Exceptionally Good
Noise levels:Very pleasant
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Hannah N.3 years ago · 1 review

Nice was really nice and fresh even we were not sitting in the Teppanyaki table but we had a fantastic see view. The uni we ordered extra was so fresh and yummy. Staff was very helpful and nice. Will definitely come back soon. Highly recommended to try.

Billy Y.3 years ago · 1 review

The process, services, food is good and staff is friendly.

Patty T.4 years ago · 1 review

Good view and service, but poor food. Expect to have a better seating area. And the air ventilation is poor.

"Not good "
Eric W.4 years ago · 1 review

Food is OK, but staff needs a lot of improvement.

"Very good"
Laurent N.4 years ago · 1 review

Very good food but temperature a little bit to cold. And the chef who was preparing the Teppanyaki was not really friendly...

Cassidy T.4 years ago · 1 review

Overall it was a very good atmosphere and the food was very good. Will definitely go again.

KY C.4 years ago · 1 review

Service was really nice, view was good too. It was impressive that the staff even called our name to remind us which lift to take to leave faster.

See yan L.4 years ago · 1 review

Excellent teppanyaki meal. Restaurant updates their meals with excellent sauces for every dish. A red cabbage sauces sweetened with fruit to accompany the goose liver and figs. A lobster reduction for the perfectly herb cooked lobster. The waygu beef cooked perfectly medium rare was served with freshly fried garlic chips and a fine mound of red onions dressed with a yuzu vinegarette. The fried rice was new cooked with garlic, shistso leaves sesame and bonito excellent!!! The meals at Kaila is not to be missed.

Winnie L.4 years ago · 1 review

A wonderful and relaxing dining place for quality Japanese food.

Donna D.4 years ago · 2 reviews

Was a little disappointed they didn’t have their semi-buffet salad, and weekday lunch set. For someone who doesn’t eat sashimi, the Mon-Fri semi-buffet lunch set was a fantastic option for anyone, and gave the guest plenty of delicious options. Having said that, the Beef/Lobster set lunch was delicious. My friends were more than happy to eat my portion of the sashimi. We all felt as if we were being rushed along (taking of empty dishes, despite the fact some were still eating, and asking about coffee/tea before we finished our meal)... I would definitely go here again if they bring back the semi-buffet lunch set. Otherwise, I will spend my lunchtime elsewhere...

"Very good"
Hilary L.4 years ago · 1 review

Generally good. Will visit again if around the area. Thanks.