About Isoya Japanese Vegetarian Restaurant 居素屋日本野菜料理

Japanese food is mostly associated with fresh fish and meats – thin-sliced sashimi, rolled-up sushi or skewered and grilled yakitori – but their vegetarian culinary history is as long and storied as anywhere. Few restaurants specialise in just the meat-free dishes, but the ones that do are always worth a visit, and none more so than Isoya Japanese Vegetarian Restaurant on Wan Chai Road. They offer up a menu of impeccably arranged sushi dishes, flash-fried tempura veggies and grilled onigiri, as well as a huge range of dumplings and soups. Shoot off Hennessy Road around Wan Chai MTR station and make the most of the meatless morsels that keep Hong Kong’s Japanese junkies coming back to Isoya time and again.

Opening Times

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Isoya Japanese Vegetarian Restaurant 居素屋日本野菜料理
9/F Wan Chai Road
Wan Chai, Hong Kong

Menu Highlights



胡麻豆腐 Sesame Tofu (no soya)


牛油果沙律 Home made Avocado Salad w crunchy balls


麵豉豆腐醬伴青瓜片 Miso Tofu Spread on cucumber slide


炸牛蒡片 Burdock chips



懷石一品:南瓜饅頭 Keiseki special Japanese pumpkin bun


什錦天婦羅 Mixed Tempura


青檸素麵 (冷/熱) Lime Somen (cold/hot)


什菜咖哩飯 Mixed Vegetable Curry Rice



紫蘇葉梅醬卷 Plum sauce with Japanese Basil leave roll


干飄卷 Kampyo Roll


脆脆牛油果卷 Avocado Crunchy Roll


野菜壽司拼盤 Vegetable Sushi Platter


Set Menu

日本家鄉料理午餐 每位HK$98起 Japanese home cooking lunch set from HK$98 per person


季節廚師發辦晚餐每位HK$300起 Seasonable tasting menu dinner set from HK$300 per person


17 Isoya Japanese Vegetarian Restaurant 居素屋日本野菜料理 Reviews

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Value for money:Good value
Noise levels:Pleasant
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Elizabeth R.9 months ago · 4 reviews

Fantastic. Restaurant layout is a little odd but the good is just wonderful. Went for lunch and had the full set. It was starter dishes and then a choice of main. A lot of good and I will definitely be back.

Hans v.a year ago · 2 reviews

Pleasant experience in this special restaurant, good food and very well presented. We were with a group of four and all of us (one vegetarian) liked the food and it's diversity.

Roland L.a year ago · 2 reviews

Had the omakase dinner set and the soy milk hot pot. Food was great and so was the service. Would definitely be back and looking foward to trying their affiliated izakaya at Causeway Bay.

Fiona T.2 years ago · 5 reviews

love the healthy vegan dishes and the clean environment. Vegan Japanese food is not that common in Hong Kong, so I'm glad to find it near my office.

Alexandra W.a year ago · 3 reviews

The service is attentive and prompt. We were quickly recommended their two tasting menus, the hotpot and sakura. The presentation of each dish was delicate and well executed. What we thought as puny portions was quickly made up by the variety, and we left feeling satiated yet not stuffed. It was difficult to pick a favorite dish. But I must say tempura is one that I felt there is still room to improve. I would recommend to get their apple sorbet as a finishing touch to the entire dining experience. Looking forward to their summer tasting menu.

Tracy L.2 years ago · 1 review

I give Isoya 4/6. Points go to presentation and attention to details. They consider guests' dietary restrictions and make the effort to explain every dish - a bit too much at times. Overall, the meal was good, but too expensive in my opinion. After adding 10% service charge, it comes out to HK371 pp on average, excluding drinks. At the end of the meal, nothing really 'wow'ed' me to warrant a higher rating. Not certain I'll be back unless I'm bringing guests who are vegan/vegetarian and want to explore outside of the usual Chinese/Western veggie dishes. 4/6 is a generous rating.

Kate L.2 years ago · 4 reviews

We enjoyed the lunch a lot! The food was tasty and fresh with quite some choices for lunch sets. Staff are very nice and it was impressive that owner came by and introduced the ingredient to us. Will definitely recommend for anyone who wants to try out vegetarian food.

Michelle L.a year ago · 1 review

Serving sizes were super generous, both me and my friend could not finish the set meal (normal lunch set meal). Food was surprisingly flavourful, would recommend the koya tofu and tofu salad! Atmosphere was very peaceful as well. Would return to try some of their sushi items (not available on the normal lunch set meal unfortunately).

Marika C.10 months ago · 1 review

Wonderful find of Vegetarian Food! Done Japanese Style....Lovely warm space and waitresses were very pleasant and careful to explain the menu offerings. I went for the Deluxe Set and it was more than plenty. The only thing I would critique was the miso soup which was overly salty for my taste.

Wendy E.6 months ago · 1 review

The place is plain and clean, food is delicious, service is pleasant and servers can speak English well. However, I think it’s over priced. But if you want a quieter place upstairs, it’s a good choice.