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Green eating food might mean vegetarian and vegan food to most people, but at Green Waffle Diner in Hong Kong Central, it’s given a little twist. The waffles are tinged with pandan, giving them a green colour, and then combined with any number of breakfast and dessert favourites. Add in a huge range of American dishes – fried chicken, mac and cheese, chilli cheese dogs and more – and you have quite the feast on your hands at this Graham Street restaurant.

See below for Green Waffle Diner’s festive menus!

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Green Waffle Diner - Central
35-39 Graham Street G/F, Kar Ho Building
/, Hong Kong

Menu Highlights



香脆雞翼 Crispy Chicken Wings

Sauces: buffalo (mild, medium, hot, dyn-o-mite), BBQ, or honey garlic


健美鮮果殼物早餐 Katherine's Breakfast

Bowl of strawberries, blueberries, green apples, mangos, bananas topped with yogurt, granola, drizzle of honey and served with half a whole wheat waffle

煙火腿英式鬆餅 Eggs Benedict

English muffin topped with gammon ham, poached egg, hollandaise sauce. Served with homefries.

炸雞腿窩夫早餐 Fried Chicken and Waffle

2 chicken drumsticks, a full waffles and homefries


傳統凱撒沙律 Caesar Salad

Classic caesar salad with fresh romaine lettuce, bacon bits, croutons and caesar dressing

水煮蛋火腿雜菜沙律配黑醋沙律汁 Salad Lyonnaise

Freshly frisee greens with bacon, crutons, ham, a perfect poached egg, and a balsamic vinaigrette


秘制刨牛肉漢堡 Pit Beef Sandwich and French Fries Salad

Thinly sliced rib-eye roast with caramelized onions, on a soft Kaiser bun and topped with a gooey cheddar cheese sauce. Served with french fries and salad

炸魚薯條配沙律及自製撻撻醬汁 Beer Battered Fish & Chips

Fried to order beer battered sole fillets with french fries, and a homemade tartar sauce and salad

脆脆雞腿餐 Fried Chicken Meal

Three succulently fried chicken drumsticks using our own recipe, comes with mash potatoes and gravy, and a side house salad. Enhance your drumstick by coating them with Buffalo


香草白酒雜菌扁意粉 Wild Mushroom and Pesto Linguine

Wild mushroom sauteed in white wine and garlic and then tossed together with pesto and linguine pasta

美式勁厚車打芝士鑊仔通粉 Mac & Cheese Skillet

Maccaroni pasta in velveeta cheese sauce, cooked in skillet and topped with bacon bits

芝士忌廉蛋黃長通粉 Carbonara

A creamy bacon mushroom, parmesan and egg yolk sauced tossed with penne pasta, garnished with crunchy bacon bits

À la carte

煙肉薯粒鑊仔 Country Brunch Skillet

Bacon, green peppers, onions, homefries, 2 poached eggs, and melted cheddar cheese

香辣蕃茄香腸薯粒鑊仔 Spicy Tomato and Sausage Skillet

Hot link sausages, homefries, green chili peppers, onions, cherry tomatoes topped with 2 poached eggs and cheddar cheese

多寶薯粒鑊仔 Meat Lovers Skillet

A skillet meant for the true carnivore. Sausage, bacon, steak, mushroom, homefries, and topped with poached eggs and cheddar cheese


雜莓香蕉士多啤梨窩夫 Berry Waffle Delight

Waffles topped with blueberries, bananas and strawberries, finished with whipped cream and a light drizzle of chocolate.

鮮芒果士多啤梨窩夫 Mango Strawberry Fresh Waffle

Fresh sweet mangos and strawberries, drizzled with strawberry sauce, mango sauce and whipped cream

火焰玉桂香蕉窩夫 Banana Fosters Waffle

Bananas flambed with cinnamon sugar and a dash of sweet dark rum, topped with whip cream

More about Green Waffle Diner - Central, Hong Kong

Check out Green Waffle Diner’s special Christmas, Delicious Tea Set, and Winter Special Drinks menus!

Hong Kong is a diner’s paradise, and in Central they have as many great restaurants as anywhere else in the city. Down on Graham Street, in the towering Kar Ho Building, there is a pillar of American pride in the form of the Green Waffle Diner, a joint that specialises in breakfasts, desserts and all the good stuff in between. Conveniently located near Sheung Wan and Central metro stops, the restaurant is easily reached, and when you get there, you are in for an all-American treat.

With a name like Green Waffle Diner, you’d be expecting a strong batter and iron game, and it doesn’t disappoint, with waffles made from all kinds of flour, including high protein buckwheat and their signature green pandan. Green Waffle also offers a wide range of American entrees, such as fried chicken – best combined with waffles, of course – and burgers, steaks, mac and cheese and more. Wander down to Graham Street for some of the finest US cuisine in Hong Kong: just don’t forget to book a table first.

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Sally C.5 months ago · 1 review

The food is yummy and the environment is nice for friends gathering! The staff is also very nice and provided good services! We are highly recommend it for you!

Aimee S.2 years ago · 1 review

Delicious and great service! It is in an easy location and while having a reservation didn't guarantee us the time slot, it guaranteed we could stay at that table as long as we liked. Wonderful time!

Natalie L.2 years ago · 10 reviews

Service very friendly and food arrived very quickly. Had their signiture - Banana Fosters Waffle was so delicious! Most of the dishes we had were tasty and good portion size. You have to try the Crispy Chicken Wings with buffalo & honey garlic sauce too!

Serene H.2 years ago · 19 reviews

Great cosy small place for waffles and skillets! Service was good, but waiting time for the food can be made shorter! Booked for a table of 5 but was only given 4 seats and we have to ask for more chairs to cramp in the corner!

Brian F.a year ago · 4 reviews

Food and service were good, but having 'reserved' a table on the Quandoo app (and receiving a confirmation email) we arrived to be told they don't take bookings, at least at that time, and had to wait twenty minutes for a table.

Clare K.2 years ago · 1 review

Nice environment, food especially skillet and waffle is good, staff is friendly