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About Golden Bull French Vietnamese Cuisine 金牛苑越南菜館

Sometimes when two things collide, the resulting concoction is greater than the sum of its parts. This French-Vietnamese (or, using the more outdated term, Indochinese) restaurant is the perfect representative of the fusion cuisine that emerged from this particular Far Eastern corner of the globe following French colonial expansion. Now that the French are out, Vietnamese cuisine still bears the mark of its culinary collision with Europe. And in Hong Kong’s Kowloon, there’s no better place to sample such hybrid dishes than at Golden Bull French Vietnamese Cuisine, down Tsim Sha Tsui’s Chatham Road South.

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Golden Bull French Vietnamese Cuisine 金牛苑越南菜館
9 Chatham Road South
Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong

More about Golden Bull French Vietnamese Cuisine 金牛苑越南菜館, Hong Kong

Golden Bull French Vietnamese Cuisine has been on the block since 1980, slowly but steadily making a name for itself and its refined brand of Indochinese cookery. And not only are the dishes beautifully presented: Golden Bull’s premises along Kowloon’s Chatham Road South are just as elegant and mindful of the complex history that underpins this fusion cuisine; an accident of history as much as it is an intentional, international gesture undertaken by canny chefs. You can find this outpost for what is a most fortuitous collision of culinary cultures close to both Tsim Sha Tsui and East Tsim Sha Tsui stations, making it easily accessible from anywhere in Hong Kong. And so, be warned, diners come here in droves.

Dishes created in Golden Bull French Vietnamese Cuisine’s kitchen like the braised beef tenderloin are clearly influenced by European cuisine, while the popular baked curry crab moves the ingredients and flavour profile closer to the Far East. At the most extravagant end of the spectrum, Golden Bull’s delicious whole baked pineapple stuffed with rice and mixed seafood is a hit among Hong Kong diners, always looking for an exotic maritime meal. And those trawling Kowloon for fantastic fondue or brilliant Belgian pommes frites are in luck too. Golden Bull’s Tsim Sha Tsui restaurant oozes elegance – it’s a split-level affair filled with light and lined with French Impressionist paintings that make for a truly luxuriant dining experience. While Golden Bull is ideal for exciting casual dining, it’s even better when you book for your next celebration: the proprietors will even spoil you with a free bottle of (French) bubbly.

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