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Tucked away along a hidden length of Glenealy, near to Hong Kong’s Zoological and Botanical Gardens but otherwise suspended above busy Wyndham Street, is a bold private dining restaurant that doesn’t need to make too much fuss to make a name for itself. G7 Private Dining – unassumingly named – is a private kitchen in Central and the latest venture to be helmed by chef Eddy, well known in the city’s gastronomic scene. G7 offers diners the opportunity to sample contemporary interpretations of fine Italian cuisine and, moreover, enjoy dining the way it should be.

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G7 Private Dining
7 Glenealy
Central, Hong Kong

Menu Highlights



Crispy Suckling Pig , pickled White Asparagus Marsala Sauce

Salmon & Scallop Cannelloni, White Asparagus, Tomato & Rosemary vinaigrette

Roasted Spring Chicken, Mushroom Ragout, Dijon Mustard Sauce

Roasted US bone-in Prime Rib, crispy Bone Marrow

More about G7 Private Dining, Hong Kong

Take a look at G7’s tasting, business lunch, and wine menus for the month of December.

There’s a prickle of anticipation when you leave the busy thoroughfares above Central’s Wyndham Street and take the (correct) turn into leafy Glenealy. This sensation that something special is afoot is only amplified by the unassuming facade when you actually reach your destination. After a steep climb, a warm welcome awaits you inside at G7 Private Dining. The mastermind behind this enterprise, chef Eddy, is a pioneer of the private kitchen scene in Hong Kong, and he knows how to keep things ticking over. Of course, what you’re really here for is G7’s take on Italian, with Eddy’s homemade pastas and breads, dishes made with fresh produce carefully selected from artisanal suppliers from around the world, and the intimacy that only private dining can afford.

Any feast at G7 Fine Dining must begin with diners loosening up a little and indulging in some Antipasti Fourplay from chef Eddy’s Tasting Menu – four beautifully plated starters of fresh burrata with semi-dried cherry tomatoes and pesto, fennel-crusted tuna with a balsamic glaze, a spicy yoghurt infused with cucumber, red onion, and roasted pine nuts, and a homemade duck ham with orange-marinated olives. The main events involve this Hong Kong private kitchen’s interpretations of classic Italian primi and secondi piatti, seafood and meat delicacies. The full seven courses involved can be shortened to four on Mondays and Tuesdays, but however you dine at G7’s Glenealy restaurant in Central, it will be an experience not soon forgotten.

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Karly K.8 days ago · 1 review

The best service and amazing food make for a wonderful dinner. Leo, our server was extremely attentive and courteous. Meanwhile the food made for an exciting and refreshing combination

Jacqui R.a year ago · 1 review

Wonderful dining experience from beginning to end. Perfect restaurant for an intimate group dinner. Service was impeccable by manager Walter. Food was absolutely delicious and prepared and served with passion and attention to detail. Compliments to the chef. Highly recommended!

Danny W.a year ago · 1 review

Once we arrive we got lost, and we called the restaurant and they were very nice and came out to lead us the way. The service and food was amazing!!

Matthew L.a year ago · 3 reviews

Good quality of food and service. Priacy is respected with the restaurant layout. Complementary wine enhances the flavours. Certainly will revisit this experience soon! Definite recommendation.

Erica W.3 years ago · 1 review

I have high expectation after reading the reviews. Unfortunately, the whole dining experience is just very average and I would say not quite up to standard as a decent restaurant. The staff was serving us in a very low volume which basically I could hardly hear what she said. She said the chef would come to introduce the menu and the wine pairing but it didn't happen. Most of the courses in the menu tastes not bad but the the plating can be done much better...the most disappointing course was the main course we had, we ordered medium rare steak and it looks good, however I was surprised that the steak was so chewy! I actually placed noticed the restaurant it would be a birthday celebration when I reserve table but the dessert but there was no special arrangements offered ( for most of the other decent restaurants in town, they would have offered to write happy birthday on the dessert etc).

Anthony C.3 years ago · 3 reviews

Overall good meal, some very tasty courses, in particular a truffle and scrambled egg 'extra course' - I found the dessert to be the only minor let down, it didn't really know what it wanted to be and I didn't like that it had sweet potato. Many highlights though and well worth the visit - a little on the pricey side but great service!

Ricky C.3 years ago · 1 review

We were the only guests at the day and the environment of the restaurant is on the cozy side. The service was great and the staff were quite attentive. As for the food, it was nicely done, the appetizer was slightly under-seasoned but the ingredient was fresh, the 2 main course was nicely done, but my favorite goes to the dessert

Vincent C.3 years ago · 10 reviews

The lunch set was incredible value at less than HK$200 per person. Food was fantastic - I love the appetisers and the home made bread which came with cooked garlic. I chose steak for my main dish which was OK. The tiramisu was soft and creamy. Definitely well worth going again.

KW L.2 years ago · 1 review

All delicious expect the main, the dry age rib eye was no good, too less fat, more will be better, the duck beast and sea bream were general. Unforgotable slow cook prok and sorbet! excellent cooking skill of the pork, crispy top and soft testure!! yummy and special flavour! Lime with sweet basil sorbet! We both really enjoy the desserts!

Amy J.4 months ago · 1 review

Portion was just right for me because I’m a small eater. Those with big appetites will probably find the meal too small. Not very convenient though as it is far from mtr station and not a lot of buses nearby; but lots of taxis.