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Hong Kong
Causeway Bay
Fullka Cantonese Cuisine 富家精選粵菜

Fullka Cantonese Cuisine 富家精選粵菜

Causeway Bay

Chinese, Asian, Cantonese

Dishes priced around$748

Very Good


1 review

Photo of restaurant Fullka Cantonese Cuisine 富家精選粵菜 in Causeway Bay, Hong Kong
Fullka Cantonese Cuisine 富家精選粵菜 is not bookable via Quandoo yet. To make a reservation, contact the restaurant using the details below. Checkout the opening hours first and bear in mind that if you reserve ahead, you won't have to wait in line.

About Fullka Cantonese Cuisine 富家精選粵菜

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11:00 am - 11:00 pm

More about the restaurant: Fullka Cantonese Cuisine 富家精選粵菜

Cantonese cuisine rules supreme over the Hong Kong dining scene, with an unparalleled selection of Sino specialists dotting the city. Fullka Cantonese Cuisine is one such outlet in the bustle of Causeway Bay, with authentic dishes from the neighbouring province of China that make the most of the local environment, the sea that surround the region, and the talents and skills of Cantonese chefs. Fullka, on Morrison Hill Road in Causeway Bay, is headed up by chef Lee Man Ki (an apprentice of world-famous Yeung Koon Yat and Lee Yu Ching), and they offer up a diverse range of dishes, from the classics – sweet and sour shrimp balls and soy chicken – to the more obscure: pig’s stomach or stewed eel wing anyone? Make your way down to Morrison Hill Road on the metro to either Causeway Bay or Wan Chai and you’re in for a superb Cantonese feast.

Frequently asked questions

Does the restaurant Fullka Cantonese Cuisine 富家精選粵菜 have parking?

No, the restaurant Fullka Cantonese Cuisine 富家精選粵菜 has no parking.

Does Fullka Cantonese Cuisine 富家精選粵菜 serve Chinese food?

Yes, the restaurant Fullka Cantonese Cuisine 富家精選粵菜 serves Chinese food and also serves Asian, Cantonese food.

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