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About Dong Lai Shun - Causeway Bay 東來順

The foundations of Dong Lai Shun, a restaurant of peerless calibre, go way back to the start of the 20th century. The restaurant specialises in Chinese steamboats (hot pots), but also does an excellent line of dim sum and other Chinese specialties. Along Causeway Bay there are few places that can claim such a long history as Dong Lai Shun, and their many years of expertise are writ large here, with delicate, fragrant steamboats front and centre on Soundwill Plaza.

東來順主打中式火鍋,但點心及特色中菜同樣令人一試難忘,在銅鑼灣一帶 甚少有其他食肆能與其悠久歷史相提並論。立即到金朝陽中心,一嚐色香味 俱全的專業滋味。

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Dong Lai Shun - Causeway Bay 東來順
1 26/F, Soundwill Plaza II, Tang Lung Street
Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

Menu Highlights



Tientsin Cabbage Soup with Fish Maw, Sliced Abalone Sea Cucumber & Air Dried Duck Brisket

(for six person)

Abalone, Fish Maw & Bean Curd Thicken Soup

per person


Crispy Pawn & Braised Abalone with Fried Glutinous Rice (Per Person)

Asian Culinary Contest Gold Award

More about Dong Lai Shun - Causeway Bay 東來順, Hong Kong

If you somehow find yourself in Hong Kong without receiving the FAQs on the whos, whys and wherefores on steamboats, here’s what you need to know: a steamboat is a popular Chinese sharing dish from which Dong Lai Shun has built its menu. It is a pot of steaming meats and veggies served with a selection of traditional dips and marinades. These popular hot pots are all the rage in the trendier corners of town, so it’s a positive thing to see a quality steamboat place finding its feet in Southwill Plaza in Causeway Bay.

Do not allow the something-and-nothing shop front deter you, the food coming from the Dong Lai Shun kitchen is truly excellent. Aside from the house specialty (mutton steamboat) there’s plenty of more familiar favourites to motivate the trip out to Southwill Plaza on Causeway Bay. Try the crabmeat and lobster starters and bean curd soup to get a sense of the kitchen’s ambition. Take the MTR out to Causeway Bay for flavours of China and a commitment to doing the basics well.

假如你身處香港而不了解火鍋,東來順絕對能讓你大開眼界!一鍋熱辣辣的 主要食材(按個人喜好選擇的菜和肉),配上一碟碟傳統醬油及醃料,香氣 從金朝陽中心散發至整個銅鑼灣!

除了招牌菜羊肉火鍋,小食鶴湖蟹影及豆腐湯亦是香港食家的心頭好,來到 銅鑼灣,怎能不為之動心?

2 Dong Lai Shun - Causeway Bay 東來順 Reviews

2 Reviews
Waiting time:Exceptionally good
Value for money:Reasonable value
Noise levels:Pleasant
Candice L.10 months ago · 7 reviews

All dishes are nicely prepared with great services. Larger variety of desserts too. We loved the hot pot with mutton and the mutton kebab stick was mouth watering

Chris C.10 months ago · 8 reviews

Friendly and sincere staff with good service (though they didn't change our plates at all during the entire meal until desserts). Good food presentation and taste was good as well.