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Ceviche Soho

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About Ceviche Soho

Founded in 2012 by Chef Martin Morales, a true pioneer in the realm of South American cuisine, Ceviche on Soho’s Frith Street is leading the Peruvian food explosion in London alongside its sister restaurant Andina in Shoreditch. Using an innovative concept where various styles of ceviche are made directly in front of guests, diners are able to observe each step of the process, as well as the high-quality ingredients used.

Opening Hours

  • Monday 12:00 - 23:30
  • Tuesday 12:00 - 23:30
  • Wednesday 12:00 - 23:30
  • Thursday 12:00 - 23:30
  • Friday 12:00 - 23:30
  • Saturday 12:00 - 23:30
  • Sunday 12:00 - 22:15
Ceviche Soho, 17 Frith Street, W1D 4RG London

Further Information

It’s probably quite obvious already, but Ceviche in London’s Soho specialises in, of course, ceviche. This traditional South American dish, made without the addition of heat, is made right in front of guests by talented chefs at the restaurant’s ceviche bar. Although the dish is often made using fish, the restaurant also offers an excellent wild mushroom ceviche for vegetarian diners. Featuring a number of gluten-free options and the finest healthy ingredients, it’s a great place to take a loved one with special dietary restrictions.

It’s not just ceviche that makes this Soho Peruvian restaurant so special. With an extensive menu featuring items like choclo corn cake with avocado and rocoto relleno vegetariano (stuffed rocoto pepper with wild mushrooms, garlic, thyme, cassava, white wine, and cream), guests aren’t limited when it comes to excellent choices. The beverage menu is phenomenal as well, with flavourful cocktails like the Morris martini (pumpkin-infused pisco, quinoa vodka and violet liqueur) and pisco punch making a trip to Ceviche worthwhile all on their own. Situated on Frith Street, Ceviche is easily accessible and just a quick walk from London’s Tottenham Court Road and Leicester Square.

Dear diners, to view Ceviche Soho's range of gift cards and masterclasses, visit ceviche.giftvouchers.uk.com


2194 Reviews

5.0 /6 Excellent 2194 Reviews
Quality/Price: reasonable
Food: delicious
Atmosphere: entertaining
Noise: average
Waiting Time: short
Service: friendly
919 6
770 5
294 4
109 3
65 2
37 1
Gianluca C.
1 review so far 6
29.08.2017 15:37

The food is the star of the show, it is excellent and served by welcoming and friendly staff in a vibrant atmosphere. highly recommended. i am definitely going back !

Nurith G.
1 review so far 6
29.08.2017 05:58

We came for dinner before the theater. We liked the dishes very much it was our first time in a Peruvian restaurant. We definitely will be back.

Mark D.
1 review so far 6
27.08.2017 17:55

Wonderful food, drink and service. Stunning range of flavours, beautifully presented. Mostly fish and meat but a few vegetarian options which were very tasty as well.

Shelina H.
1 review so far 6
27.08.2017 14:44

Excellent atmosphere. Food is outstanding and the pisco sours are delicious and dangerous! The sea bass ceviche and lomo Saltado are must-orders! Service is friendly too

Nat P.
1 review so far 4
03.01.2017 22:08

Having lived in Peru for 13 years I am very familiar with Peruvian food and I know what I am looking at/for. Ceviche food is authentic. However I felt there were certain key dishes that were missing. No " papa a la huancayina " in the starters , no " Aji de gallina" in the mains , no " turron de dona pepa" in the deserts and no " chicha morada" in the drinks section to name but a few. The Peruvian food repertoire is not that extensive which is why so many alleged Peruvian restaurants in London go the fusion route...........to try and expand the limited menu but it completely ruins the experience and I wouldn't call them genuine. Coya is a good example of that. Its overpriced and you fail to spot the peruvian dish whatever they tell you. That said , the ceviche was cracking but still didn't come with boiled sweet potato, and many of the other dishes were authentic but incomplete in my opinion. The Yuca frita was the best I have had. Thus , Is Ceviche a true refelction of Peruvian food ? Yes it is . Why have I made it a 4 and not a 6 then. I docked 1 mark for the limited menu and 1 mark because the mains are starter sized and don't come complete. You have to serve the whole dish with all the trimmings. For example, the lomo saltado doesn't come with rice or sweet potato and the portion is tiny. It is so nearly there and having eaten in all the peruvian offerings in london, this is still the best currently available, but still does not beat the clear leader which has sadly closed and that was " Fina Estampa" which was in Tooley street. As an ex Peruvian resident , looking to eat as if I was in Peru and continue sampling its great food, I was better served by taking a seat at the bar and having yuca, ceviche and a few pisco sours. I know its easy to be critical of many peoples hard work. I did enjoy it, but feel it could be so much better with a little bit of tweaking . Lastly just to make it clear, the quality of everything that was served was excellent and cannot be faulted. Still , much as gracias y volvere pronto.

Hayley I.
1 review so far 6
20.07.2015 00:37

We've never eaten at a Peruvian restaurant before but got bought some vouchers to Ceviche as a present so were keen to try it out. We went at 9.30pm on a Saturday night and the atmosphere was really buzzy with some big groups celebrating. We sat up on high stools at a table quite close to the people next to us but it didn't feel too intrusive. The food was absolutely delicious. Every single dish from the salads to the fish and beef was so tasty and the portions were a really decent size not like with tapas where you have to order a lot to be full. We shared about 8 or 9 dishes between us which was more than enough. The service was great and with a bottle of wine the bill came to £120 for two people. If you like spicy food (everything has chills) and are ok with dark restaurants (you need your iPhone torch to read the menu) I would 100% recommend Ceviche. Will definitely be returning.

Endri K.
1 review so far 5
13.01.2015 05:48

Great food and knowledgable esitino staff. I have been many times to Andina. My only comment with regards to food is either get a better recipie for the mackerel or perhaps it was not cooked up to scratch... Just did not add value to the meal as the other dishes did... I am telling this from the point perspective of someone who likes mackerel. Seating is just bit too tight... As well just a bit way too dark when the light dim... Staff need to check the toilettes more often to my opinion as the males was dirty when I checked it at 6pm. It could be a 10/10 experience, it was a 8/10... All staff are friendly, knowledgable and helpful. One advise : when people of two order 4 dishes at 6 o'clock there is no need to clear dishes each time... I did not feel rushed or anything, understand the table is small. But perhaps the table could be cleared twice rather then four times? I understand there is not much to do at 6 as the retaurant is not full and the staff wants to be proactive. Thanks and see you soon.

Stuart B.
2 reviews so far 6
10.06.2015 03:33

We were looking for a taste of Peru prior to visit this summer and chose Ceviche after good reviews on TA. The restaurant did not disappoint and gave us the chance to experiment with a few different dishes we had never heard of never mind tasted! Our first taste of a Pisco Sour, delicious and very moreish!! The plates come on the small side but that allows the options to try various types of dish. From the citrus, spicy ceviche to the very tasty grilled beef heart it was all excellent fare. More Pisco Sours arrived to finish off an excellent meal. Good ambiance in the restaurant and top marks to the staff who guided us through the process of choosing the dishes. Special thanks to the server who came from Peru and was able to point us in the direction of some restaurants and dishes to try when we get to Lima. Not a cheap lunch but overall very, very good.

Kimberley B.
1 review so far 5
01.12.2015 00:57

Booked for 5pm for 4people and arrived 45min early, staff were very lovely and accommodating, we were seated early as restaurant was quiet. Anyone using a wheelchair (like me) note very steep stairs down to toilets but with handrail on one side and it became a bit of squeeze getting out due to how busy it ended up. None of us had ever eaten this type of food and so we ordered quite a mixture of dishes not really knowing what we were getting. The food was much pricier than expecting but was delicious we all agreed! Our favourites were couple of the beef dishes. the ribs and brussel's salad, going again I would have a much better idea of what dishes go well together and would order a rice for some carbs, would ask for hot and cold dishes to come at different times. There is a lot more I would love to try. Between us we tried 3 different cocktails be warned they are very strong esp the Kanuku but the shark ahoy and the Thor's Passion went down nicely and presentation for everything was really lovely. Hoping to return one day!

Beth T.
11 reviews so far 6
30.10.2015 15:53

We had an absolutely fantastic time at Ceviche Soho - we went for the virgin cocktails (which were fantastic!) and were completely blown away by how amazing the food was. We would particularly recommend the savoury corn cake and the palm heart dish - as well as everything else we had - but a very veggie friendly restaurant and loads of choice for everyone. Lovely vibrant atmosphere and we will definitely be visiting again.

Stacey S.
1 review so far 5
20.09.2016 16:56

Our first visit to Ceviche was to celebrate my birthday. Having never been before we didn't expect such an intimate seating configuration. We were put into a corner next to a table of four and would have had to squeeze past their chairs and disturb their meal if we wanted to leave our seats. I asked to move and this was dealt with swiftly, despite them being fully booked. The food was delicious - the seabass don ceviche was the highlight of our meal. The atmosphere was very lively and everyone was having a great time. Our waiter was from Peru herself and gave us just the right amount of attention and guidance; along with a friendly smile. She was fab. Drinks wise, I had a few Pisco Sour cocktails and my husband had wine and we both enjoyed our choices. We will definitely go again and will book in advance again. I rated this 5 because I wasn't 'a fan of the close table settings but i know what to expect next time.

Helen B.
1 review so far 6
14.08.2017 17:35

We had a fab time at Cevichi. The staff were friendly and helpful , the decor and atmosphere bright, cheerful and welcoming and the food was fantastic - light, delicious and full of flavour. Having been to Peru we were delighted to have chance to taste Peruvian food in London and to have our favourite drink - a Pisco Sour . We weren't very hungry so being able to pick some small, light dishes with taste was part of the attraction and we weren't disappointed. A perfect choice for a pre-theatre meal. Am sure we could find a more expansive meal from the menu and intend to return in future, probably with our grown up family who will love it. There were some young children there when we visited who were clearly enjoying themselves so it works for all.

David S.
1 review so far 6
28.11.2015 07:18

Excellent food, interesting and varied, well presented, tapas style. We dined pre-theatre and service was prompt, friendly and attentive. We enjoyed the Pisco sours cocktails then shared a variety of dishes including Bombas de Tiempo which were delicious puffy cheese balls, Causa Iquitos which were a sort of potato cake topped with a spicy tartar, corn cakes, Pachamanca chicken, Jalea steamed buns (fried sea bass in small buns), Arroz con Pato (a confit of duck leg with rice etc) and followed with delicious desserts - between our party of four we tried most of them - yummy caramelised black figs, dark chocolate mousse with quinoa crunch and ice cream, ginger panna cotta, including the special of the day which was a chocolate bread and butter pudding with custard. Our first visit and we'll certainly go back.

Ali Q.
1 review so far 5
05.11.2014 17:35

The decor and ambience was great and the service was very friendly and attentive. I understand (or at least I think I do ) that the restaurant is aimed at introducing Peruvian food to a new audience. But as someone who once lived in Lima, I would have liked some of the dishes to be closer to the local equivalent: such as the Aji de Gallina (or the interpretation of it). It would be great to introduce some starters such as papa a la huancaina. So as someone already familiar with Peruvian food , I would prefer dishes that were less 'nouvelle cuisine' versions of staple Peruvian food but I understand that I may not be the target market of Ceviche. As a place for a good, entertaining evening out (and the pisco sours are great-if a little too pricey?) I would recommend Ceviche.

Emese B.
1 review so far 5
16.01.2015 07:22

I really like the interior decoration. It starts to get really noisy at 18.00. It's not for a first date or an intimate evening due to the noise and the tables being a bit close to each other but it didn't bother us. Almost all of the food was very tasty and fresh, very well presented too. The Don Ceviche is a must! We had the chocolate desert and it was amazing, not too sweet and many different flavours on the plate. The service was mostly great and friendly but not accommodating/flexible if you want to sit somewhere else other than what they planned. I think the customer is always right and they should try at least to resolve the request not just say no straight away. Also fab cocktails. I will definitely go back! Booking is a must as always fully packed

Nick L.
1 review so far 4
11.11.2014 00:59

On the plus side: the food was very authentically Peruvian (we spent time in Peru earlier this year) and the meal was good value. On the negative side: we felt that we were rushed through our meal, especially as we ended up finished at least 30 minutes before the end of our two hour slot. Starters were served before we had even started to drink our aperitifs (pretty good Pisco Sours!). We were seated on a high table - not really what we would have liked. Worst of all the lights were dimmed just as we were looking at the menus - at about 18:45 and they became really difficult to read. We'd try paying another visit at lunchtime or on a quieter night. But next time we feel like eating Peruvian cuisine in London we'll go somewhere else. This place did not match up to our great experiences eating at ChiCha in Cusco and Arequipa and at ZigZag in Arequipa, which is a shame because the food (and Pisco Sours) were really as good as in Peru!

Neil E.
4 reviews so far 5
13.10.2016 23:06

It was my first time at Ceviche's and I was meeting with two friends who I only see about once every six months. One friend was a little later arriving than the other, so I asked that we delay any choosing until the third member of our party arrived. This was, largely, ignored. When we did all get together, we were greeting and catching up on one another's well being. During this period we were frequently offered water, other drinks, advice on the menu, despite asking to be left for a few minutes. However, once the initial onslaught was over, things settled down and we enjoyed the meal with the variety of choices, flavours and sauces. We stayed for desserts and coffees and never felt that we overstayed our welcome. I would consider returning at a future date.

Andrea D.
1 review so far 3
18.09.2016 17:53

Altough I understand the concept of "tapas" for a taste of a little bit our Peruvian food has to offer, I was a bit dissapointed. You have to understand, Peruvians have a very high standard for food as well. There are some things that do not needed to be so fushion., our food is for itself. For example the causa nikkei style, didn't need the seewead. the causa inside was really good. The jalea in chinese steam buns was quiet suprisingly good and the best dish in taste was the "Lomo saltado", it has the true taste, the meet was cooked very well, however there were literally 2 little pieces of meat, 2 or 3 sliced onions and tomato, some chips. it was more a personal tapa, rather than a sharing one and saying this, it makes the whole meal very expensive at the end of the day, We had more dishes, however In a constructive criticism, the "Don Ceviche" lacked of the proper hint, it was more a bunch of other herbs in there which does not need and the crime of the day was serving "Anticuchos" blasted in mayonese (????). The place is nice and the service good, very kind a and smiling,. The pisco sour also nice, good wine, but overall not conviced in terms of the food and price.

Jane J.
1 review so far 6
24.03.2016 01:11

We were looking for something a bit different for a birthday lunch, Ceviche Soho did not let us down. Service was friendly & helpful & they didn't rush us to choose our dishes. The sea bass ceviche was a stand out dish but all the dishes we chose were very good. We will definitely return.

1 review so far 6
12.02.2015 06:40

This was our first visit to Ceviche Soho following rave reviews from friends. It certainly won't be our last! We had the most delicious lunch - we tried lots of different dishes and could happily have carried on eating all afternoon! And as for the Pisco Sour cocktail - we're hooked! Can't wait to return.