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Hong Kong
Tsim Sha Tsui
Bel Cibo

Bel Cibo


Dishes priced around$263


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Photo of restaurant Bel Cibo in Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong
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About Bel Cibo

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More about the restaurant: Bel Cibo

Say it loud and say it proud, Bel Cibo is a fresh-faced pan-European fusion restaurant that diners are already shouting from the rooftops about. Innovative ingredients meet innovative preparation techniques at this Tsim Sha Tsui restaurant along Hau Fook Street, where a crack cheffing team with more than twenty years of collective cooking experience create continentally inspired dishes that will set your palate to stun. Combined with a chic, modern interior and a range of crafty brews from around the world, this is a truly global eatery that deserves an early reservation.

Frequently asked questions

Does Bel Cibo serve European food?

Yes, the restaurant Bel Cibo serves European food.

Can I pay with a credit card at Bel Cibo restaurant?

Yes, you can pay with MasterCard.

Thinking about making a Bel Cibo booking?

Since opening its doors wide to an eager public back in July 2014, Bel Cibo has attracted a loyal following from Hong Kong’s more adventurous diners, who flock here in their hundreds for a chance to grab a seat at this Tsim Sha Tsui restaurant’s jealously fought for lunch and dinner sittings. It’s the bold fusion of several strands of European culinary tradition that makes Bel Cibo a sought after eatery; that and the small but well-curated selection of craft brews that make the stunning food on offer go down just that little bit easier. Stone & Wood Pacific Ale and Mountain Goat Steam Ale are two of the beers available here, both hailing from Australia, adding an antipodean finish to the eclectic selection on offer here down Hau Fook Street.

Hints of Italian, French, Portuguese, and Spanish cuisines shine through in the colourful and beautifully plated dishes created by Bel Cibo’s experienced and decidedly esoteric team of owner-chefs. They’ve also scored a coup by curating their pan-European fusion menu with Hong Kong’s seafood-crazy palates in mind. Some of the more popular dishes doing the rounds at Bel Cibo’s Hau Fook Street headquarters in Tsim Sha Tsui include the ocean-infused braised abalone with black truffle paste, fried cuttlefish pasta, a salad of mango and prawn, lobster bisque, and baked portobello mushrooms stuffed with crabmeat and cheese. It’s all very Mediterraneanesque, and all highly unmissable if you’re on the lookout for something different when it comes to good eats.