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Hong Kong
Tsim Sha Tsui
Arun Thai Restaurant 金泰泰國菜
Arun Thai Restaurant 金泰泰國菜 Menu

Arun Thai Restaurant 金泰泰國菜


Dishes priced around$280

Photo of restaurant Arun Thai Restaurant 金泰泰國菜 in Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong
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Menu from Arun Thai Restaurant 金泰泰國菜

Browse the menu highlights at Arun Thai Restaurant 金泰泰國菜 and explore the popular dishes people are craving! From starters to something sweet, take a look at what’s in store when you book a table at Arun Thai Restaurant 金泰泰國菜. Besides the flavours, you can even check out the prices at this popular spot. Mmmm, we're getting hungry already...

Menu highlights



Meang Khum (4 pcs.) 泰國傳統柳葉包 (4件)

Betel Leaves with Roasted Peanuts, Pieces of Lime, Shallot and Ginger

Tod Mun Pla (4 pcs.) 泰式魚餅配青瓜花生酸辣汁 (4件)

Thai Fish Cakes, served with Chili Sauce, Ground Peanuts and Cucumber

Mixed Entrée (6 pcs.) 雜錦拼盤 (可任選上述6款前菜各一)

Assortment of Six Entrées



Som Tium Gai Yang 青木瓜雞肉辣沙律 (配青檸汁)

Green Papaya Salad with Grilled Chicken, Chili, Lime Juice and Roasted Peanuts

Klua Kling Gai Tod 泰南辣椒膏香燒雞(半隻)

Stir-fried Free Range Chicken with Kaffir Lime Leaves in a Super-Hot Southern Chili Paste

Pu Pad Num Pik Pao 乾蔥辣椒炒蟹

Stir-fried Crab in Roasted Chili Sauce with Onions, Bell Peppers and Shallots



Gaeng Kewn Wan Gai 羅勒青咖哩雞

Chicken in Green Curry cooked with Thai Cherry Eggplant, Fresh Chili and Basil Leaves

Goong Pad Pong Curry 黃咖哩炒蝦

Stir-fried Prawns in Yellow Curry with Turmeric, Onion and Shallot

Pu Pad Pong Curry 椰奶黃咖哩蟹

Stir-fried Crab in Yellow Curry with Spring Onion, Chili, Coconut Milk, Cream and Ginger



Sorbet - 1 Scoop 雪葩

Honey Lemongrass, Stem Ginger, Coconut, Lychee

Khao Neaw Mamuang 芒果糯米飯

Sticky Rice with Fresh Mango

Mixed Dessert 甜點拼盤(西米布甸、千層糕、南瓜布甸)

Combination of Sago Pudding, Pandan Layer and Pumpkin Caramel