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Restaurants in Paisley

 Rich food and history in Paisley's restaurants

As one of Scotland's largest towns, Paisley has a rich culture and a history just as colourful as the famous patterned shawls. Much of that history centred around the town's status as a major centre for textiles in the 19th century and this heritage can be seen still in the Victorian industrial architecture all around the town. Many of these buildings have now been renovated and repurposed, contributing to a new vitality where Paisley's restaurants play a central role. Check out our listings here on Quandoo and book yourself a table at one of these exciting eateries.

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Porter & Rye


Record Factory


Indian Brasserie - Glasgow

City Centre
Looking for the best restaurants near you?

Heera Indian Restaurant


Multan Tandoori


Roma Restaurant - Clydebank

Town Centre

Curry Pot

West End

Punjab Indian Restaurant


The Chocolate Cafe


The Gannet

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    Paisley restaurants turn up the heat

    The natives of Scotland are known for their love of a good curry and the quality of Indian restaurants in Paisley tells us that this town is no different. Check out Multan Tandoori, for example, where the Multan special curry comes in a trio of chicken, beef and prawns cooked in their special Multan gravy – perfect if you can't decide between meat and seafood! Bhindi Gosht Lamb cooked with okra, tomatoes & spring onions is another dish to offer an authentic taste of India.
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    Try Scottish restaurants in Paisley for some excellent local food

    There are certainly many international cuisines, such as Chinese, Thai, Italian and Indian, to be enjoyed in town, but there's also a good choice of Paisley restaurants offering more local dishes. You can find lots of excellent seafood, such as salmon, mussels and lobster, on the menus and also some fantastic Aberdeen Angus beef. If you're after something a little more basic, however, look out for tasty mince and tatties or some excellent spicy haggis. If you have left some room you can always finish off with some cranachan, a sweet delight made with honey, whisky and toasted oatmeal.
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    Enjoy a great night out in Paisley's restaurants

    As well as a good curry, Paisley locals also love a great night out. Come the weekend, the restaurants of Paisley are full of families and friends, eating, drinking and making merry. It's a great place to enjoy fine food along with fine company but that means that the restaurants of Paisley can get a wee bit busy. All the more reason, then, to book a table here on Quandoo and make sure of a great meal at your favourite restaurant.