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934 Restaurants in Hong Kong

Restaurants in Hong Kong offer a taste of the globe

Hong Kong is a hotspot for Chinese as well as international cooking and restaurants in Hong Kong are some of the best in the world, certainly in terms of variety. This isn’t surprising, really, not when you consider Hong Kong is a major port, a global financial hub and that there are just over seven million people calling it home. It’s quite the place to be, Hong Kong, so its restaurants take the utmost pride in being the best they can be. Hong Kong’s restaurants will showcase flavours from all regions of China – Cantonese, Peking, Szechuan, Shanghai, you name it – as well as those from pretty much everywhere else in Asia and plenty from Europe and the Americas, too. If you’re eating in Hong Kong, restaurants come at you thick and fast – here’s the lowdown on what to expect from them.

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    Chinese restaurants in Hong Kong are where you ought to start

    As we said, naturally, in Hong Kong you’ll find restaurants offering food from every diverse region of China and these make an excellent starting point if you’re looking for an introduction to Hong Kong’s food and drink scene. A summary of such diversity is difficult, but generally speaking, Cantonese cuisine specialises in dim sum – excellent news for those that like dumplings – northern, or Peking food usually focuses more on noodles, spicy sauces or fried stuff (Peking duck, anyone?), while Szechuan food goes big on chilli and barbequed meats. There are, of course, plenty more regions of Chinese than just these, so if you’re after something a little more unusual then why not try Hakka cuisine? Here the speciality is salt-baked chicken and if you can find a restaurant in Hong Kong that serves it right then, well, you’re in for a treat.
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    Taste the difference at Hong Kong’s array of Asian restaurants

    Moving out of China, as a continent, Asia has to got to be the big kid on the block when it comes to food that’s historic, rooted with tradition, varied, fresh, and absolutely booming with flavour. Think Indian, think Vietnamese, think Thai, all of these are available at stalls and restaurants across Hong Kong in ways that suit just about any occasion or budget. By which we mean, the dishes encompassed by these Asian cuisines are by their very nature pretty cheap to make with quite simple ingredients, meaning they’re ideal for a quick and easy fill at Hong Kong restaurants that will quite literally serve them to you on a paper plate. On the flip side, a few restaurants across Hong Kong offer contemporary takes on classic Asian dishes that use the finest ingredients and more modern cooking techniques – it’s these places that you ought to head to if you’re after something a little more refined.
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    International restaurants in Hong Kong complete the journey

    Yep, to complete the journey around restaurants in Hong Kong and indeed the international culinary map, visit one from just about everywhere else in the world you care to imagine. Whether it be a Mexican taco place, a Brazilian rodízio or churrasqueira, a North American burger joint, a traditionally British-style gastropub, a French brasserie, an Italian trattoria or a quirky cafe serving Nigerian jollof rice or piri piri chicken from Mozambique, you will find a restaurant in Hong Kong serving precisely the flavours you desire. Your best bet is to discover the very best of them via Quandoo then reserve your table based on reviews from millions of other Hong Kong diners. Get out there, get involved and enjoy!