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Cuisine: Sichuan
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6 Restaurants in Hong Kong: Sichuan

Some like it hot: Sichuan restaurants in Hong Kong

With more and more tourists from mainland China visiting the city, it's no surprise that Hong Kong now boasts numerous restaurants serving Chinese regional cooking – and Sichuan cuisine is just one of the many on offer. Steeped in peppercorns, chillies, soy sauce and vinegar, the cuisine of this south-western Chinese province prides itself on being fearsomely spicy. But while its bold combinations of sweet and sour can occasionally be overpowering, the best Sichuan restaurants in Hong Kong offer a more nuanced culinary experience that'll have you coming back for more.

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Crazy Noodles 瘋狂小面

Crazy Noodles 瘋狂小面

Andy's Hot Pot 十二味熱辣火鍋莊

Sai Ying Pun
Andy's Hot Pot 十二味熱辣火鍋莊

Yu Chuan Club 渝川會所

Wan Chai
Yu Chuan Club 渝川會所
Looking for the best restaurants near you?

Clinton's BBQ FISH

Hung Hom
Clinton's BBQ FISH

Sijie Sichuan Restaurant / 四姐川菜

Causeway Bay
Sijie Sichuan Restaurant / 四姐川菜

Kam Lee Loy 金利來

Lei Yue Mun
Kam Lee Loy 金利來
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    Sichuan restaurants in Hong Kong: some signature dishes

    A typical meat dish at one of Hong Kong's Sichuan restaurants might consist of slices of steamed pork or poached beef, served with chillies and mushrooms in a thick, pungent sauce. Another regular standby is the aptly named bang bang chicken, which features spring onions and a spicy peanut dressing. Then there's dan dan noodles – minced pork served on a bed of noodles in a peppery sauce. If you can't decide on a dish, many Sichuan restaurants in Hong Kong offer well-balanced set lunch menus guaranteed to send your taste buds on an invigorating roller coaster ride.
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    Vegetarian dining at Hong Kong's Sichuan restaurants

    Hong Kong's Sichuan restaurants are a great choice for vegetarians, as some of their most delicious signature dishes are aimed squarely at non-meat eaters. If you're looking for a hearty main, try a vegetarian mapo tofu – chunks of silky bean curd in a broad bean sauce with onions and water chestnuts. Chefs also put the humble cucumber through its paces, by dicing it with garlic and then serving it in a spicy sauce. Prepare to be surprised!
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    What to have for dessert at Hong Kong's Sichuan restaurants

    After all those fiery flavours, it's all the more important to cleanse the palate with a refreshing final course, and you’d be pleased to hear that Hong Kong's Sichuan restaurants are no slouch when it comes to mouth-cooling puddings. Try a sweet dessert soup with malva nuts and orange peel shavings, or a bowl of home-made gelato. Plum is a popular choice, but for something a little headier, opt for ice cream spiked with huangjiu – a Chinese liqueur whose name translates literally as “yellow wine”. Gan bei!