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143 Restaurants in Hong Kong: Chinese

There’s no better place to eat in Hong Kong than Chinese restaurants

Quite naturally, eating Chinese food in Hong Kong is the real deal. The rest of the world serves and recreates Chinese food, but the food you’ll find in Hong Kong and indeed the rest of China cannot be matched. The Chinese restaurants in Hong Kong are where you ought to be heading if you want to taste all that Chinese cuisine has to offer, meaning Cantonese dishes, Peking, Chiu Chow, Shanghai, Sichuan and Hakka. Hong Kong is city of sizzling woks, vivid aromas, clanging glasses and chefs showing exactly what they’re made of. All of this is on no better display than at Hong Kong’s Chinese restaurants – get ready to drool.

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Pearl Delights 明珠閣

Sha Tin
Pearl Delights 明珠閣

Xin Tian Di

Tsuen Wan
Xin Tian Di

Xi Zhan - Tai Po 喜棧 - 大埔

Tai Po
Xi Zhan - Tai Po 喜棧 - 大埔
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    A short rundown of regional Chinese cuisine

    We’ve mentioned what regional cuisines to expect from Hong Kong’s Chinese restaurants, but for those who may not already know, here goes a summary of what each of them means for your belly. Dim sum is a Cantonese speciality which means plenty of steamed or fried dumplings, while Peking, or northern cuisine, focuses on bread and noodles, lots of fried stuff and spicy sauces – Peking duck, anyone? Meanwhile, Chiu Chow cuisine is more about light, vinegary sauces and dressings and uses a lot of seafood. Hakka food is generally the simplest you’ll find at Chinese restaurants in Hong Kong with a favourite dish being salt-baked chicken, while Sichuan is always hot and fiery and goes big on barbequed meats. Our recommendation? Tour Hong Kong’s Chinese restaurants over time and try a bit of everything.
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    Chinese restaurants in Hong Kong come in all shapes and sizes

    The fact you’ll find food in Hong Kong from just about every region of China is only the beginning, because the restaurants themselves are wonderfully varied as well. Hong Kong’s Chinese restaurants comes in all shapes and sizes, from floating restaurants on boats to hole-in-the-wall affairs or restaurants at the top of towering luxury hotels. Chinese restaurants in Hong Kong are for budgets, for birthdays or for blowouts – for whatever your occasion might be and however much money you feel like spending. We love them, and once you’ve done a spot of exploring and, more importantly, tasting, we’re quite sure you will, too.
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    Pick your spot. There are many...

    So, perhaps you know what particular type of Chinese food you’re hungry for as well as how much you want to spend on it. Next job? Choosing where, of course. Pretty much every district of Hong Kong has Chinese restaurants brimming from the side of every street, so whether you’re in Wan Chai, Central, Causeway Bay or even way out towards Mount Davis, you’ll absolutely be able to find one that suits. Some of our favourites include Fa Zu Jie just off D’Aguilar Street, as well as Jardin De Jade on Sun Hung Kai centre along Harbour Road or Above & Beyond with panoramic views of Victoria Harbour.
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    Discover the best of Hong Kong’s Chinese restaurants with Quandoo

    As you can see, when it comes to Chinese restaurants in Hong Kong, there’s much choice and plenty of decisions to make. It’s all good news where Chinese food is concerned, but the even better news is you can make all these decisions that little bit easier with the help of your old pal Quandoo. Filter your search down by price, district, restaurant rating or specific cuisine type and discover a new favourite favourite amongst the many, many Chinese restaurants in Hong Kong. We’re a little bit jealous.