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Desserts, desserts and more desserts in Hong Kong

Everyone likes dessert. Even if you’re more of a savoury person than a sweet, you can’t deny that a sweet treat every now and then can be just what you need. For those who like sweet treats, there are endless options when it comes to desserts in Hong Kong. In fact, finding desserts in Hong Kong is as easy as in an any other city, but the sheer number of choices can be daunting. From classic Austrian delicacies bringing back memories of a bygone era, to dainty tea cakes and pastries for an afternoon pick-me-up, Hong Kong has desserts for every kind of sweet tooth. But don’t just take our word for it – get out and find the dessert of your dreams in Hong Kong!

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Shop9 Restaurant & Lounge

Sai Ying Pun
Shop9 Restaurant & Lounge

Secretland 私房菜

Causeway Bay
Secretland 私房菜
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    Italian pastries and desserts in Hong Kong

    We have the Italians to thank for so many of our favourite foods, and not only hearty pasta dishes, pizzas and calzones, but also incredible sweets – think cannolis, tiramisu and panna cotta. Those are just the tip of the iceberg, though. One truly phenomenal Italian dessert is tartufo a dessert consisting of layers of ice cream with frozen fruit or syrup in the middle. With 20 different regions, Italy is home to many different types of regional cuisines, each with their own special desserts. Another example is cassata, a type of cake from Sicily. This special type of sponge cake features layers of ricotta cheese, marzipan and fruit liqueur, but vary in flavours and ingredients from baker to baker (or family to family). It’s possible to find such desserts in Hong Kong with a little patience and with the help of Quandoo, of course.
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    Matcha tea desserts are all the rage in Hong Kong

    Chances are, you’ve seen an increase in green desserts in Hong Kong. Around the city, matcha tea desserts have been in for a long time, because locals here are quick to catch onto food trends. Matcha powder has become particularly popular because of its health benefits and its stunning green colour. Unlike the green tea you’ll commonly find served up in a teapot or inside of a paper teabag, matcha tea is ground into a fine light green powder. To make the tea, the powder is mixed with water using a special whisk called a chasen until it reaches an almost creamy consistency. In Japan, high-grade matcha is often used for ceremonial purposes, and every movement in the mixing process is performed with purpose and precision. You’ll find matcha-flavoured desserts all around Hong Kong – they’re beloved not only for the sweet green tea flavour, but also for the colour. Whether you want to experience a traditional Japanese tea ceremony or you prefer it in some dessert, Hong Kong has plenty to choose from.
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    Find the best desserts in Hong Kong with Quandoo

    In Hong Kong, desserts are almost as important as the main course. Whether you’re looking for a slice of cassata in an Italian restaurant, you want to try out some matcha tea sweets or you just need to satisfy your sweet tooth with any sugary thing you can find, Hong Kong’s desserts will leave you spoilt for choice. Organise a trip to a pastry shop or a dessert restaurant, or just finish up with a dessert after a meal at your favourite local haunts – whatever you do, check out Quandoo before you go. With Quandoo, you can quickly and easily find delicious desserts in Hong Kong using a number of search filters. Narrow down your search, read reviews and book your table in seconds, it’s that easy!