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1 Restaurant in SoHo: Chinese

Chinese restaurants in SoHo

Although best known for European and New World cuisine, Hong Kong's trendy SoHo has some great Chinese restaurants too. You'll discover most of the best places in the area around Staunton Road and Elgin Street, which is also a hub for art, fashion and nightlife. Thanks to its elaborate escalator system, getting around SoHo is an entertainment in itself, and what better way to prepare yourself for the fun than with a flavoursome Cantonese hotpot or taste bud-tingling Szechuan hot and sour soup?

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Ding Dim 1968 鼎點

Dim Sum$$$$
Ding Dim 1968 鼎點
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    Chinese dumplings in SoHo's restaurants

    Dim sum lovers won't be disappointed by SoHo's Chinese restaurants. Just to give one example, Dim Sum 1968 on Elgin Street has been catering to a discerning clientele for nearly half a century. You'll be spoilt for choice as you graze on small plates of siu mai (steamed pork and shrimp), sticky rice pockets, xiao long bao (steamed buns filled with broth) and phoenix talons (braised chicken feet). Such establishments are usually good for some tasty spring rolls and rice balls too, and you can even round off the meal with dessert dumplings filled with fruity centres.