2 Restaurants in Sheung Wan, Hong Kong: Sushi

Enjoy delicious sushi in Sheung Wan

Given Japan's status as an island nation with a strong seafood culture, the first thing many people think of when they order sushi are the delicious fish fillings available. When going out for sushi in Sheung Wan, you'll find plenty on offer, and down at Shou Zen on Banham Strand there's style of sushi to suit everyone. Classics like salmon sashimi sit alongside more unusual choices such as eel sushi or – for an indulgent treat – a fatty tuna sashimi.

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Shou Zen 尚善

Sheung Wan
Shou Zen 尚善

Daigo 醍醐 by Mori Tomoaki

Sheung Wan
Daigo 醍醐 by Mori Tomoaki
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    Try something different at sushi restaurants in Sheung Wan

    If you're not a fish eater or you fancy mixing up your platter next time you head out for sushi in Sheung Wan, you can go ahead and opt for a vegetarian choice instead. Vegetarian sushi comes with all sorts of crunchy vegetables, including delicious carrots, peppers, cucumbers and more. And if you'd prefer to go for something other than sushi, Sheung Wan's restaurants offer all sorts of other dishes to choose from.
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    Get in the party mood at sushi restaurants in Sheung Wan

    Are you planning to enjoy a night out in Sheung Wan? The sushi restaurants here are great for starting the night in style, and they're located near some of Sheung Wan's night spots around Queen's Road Central and Bonham Strand. And with the elegant, funky decor on offer at many of Sheung Wan's sushi places, you'll be in the night out mood in no time. At Shou Zen, for example, low lighting and a central bar with modern furniture creates a fun atmosphere which is perfect to enjoy with friends before heading out.
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    Reserve your table for sushi in Sheung Wan

    This is a pretty popular area with tourists and Hong Kong locals alike, so if you're planning to head out for sushi in Sheung Wan it's a good idea to book a table in advance. With Quandoo, it's very simple to get this job done, and you won't even have to ring the restaurant. All you need to do is take a look at our sneak peek photographs, chef's menu highlights and more, then go ahead and book in just a click or two. It's never been simpler to get sushi in Sheung Wan!