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Restaurants in Quarry Bay, Hong Kong

Travel the world with the restaurants in Quarry Bay

The restaurants in Quarry Bay truly reflect Hong Kong's nickname of Asia's world city. This bustling area has its roots in the city's British colonial past with many of Quarry Bay's restaurants blending British and Chinese culture for an international feel. In Quarry Bay you'll find great restaurants with friendly staff and a buzzing atmosphere as well as dishes to suit every craving. From Thai to American, Quarry Bay has it all!

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FRITES- Quarry Bay

Quarry Bay

Tulsi Indian Restaurant - Quarry Bay

Quarry Bay


Quarry Bay
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Dandy House

Quarry Bay

Bake N Grill

Quarry Bay

Cheung Fat Seafood Restaurant - 長發海鮮酒家- 鰂魚涌店

Quarry Bay

金之藏 Kinnokura - Quarry Bay

Quarry Bay

滙泉居 Northern China Restaurant

Quarry Bay

With Your Mind 隨心

Quarry Bay

Leisure Garden 悠閒花園

Quarry Bay

舢舨泰菜館 Sam Pan Thai Fusion Cuisine

Quarry Bay

鯛魚魚湯專門店 Snapper

Quarry Bay

金龍泰國菜 Kam Lung Thaifood

Quarry Bay

Plat du Jour - Quarry Bay

Quarry Bay

Taverna Del Mar 地中海舍

Quarry Bay

Sun Thai Restaurant 新泰東南亞餐廳 - Quarry Bay 鰂魚涌

Quarry Bay
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    Get the best Thai food at restaurants in Quarry Bay

    Thai food is a particular speciality for the restaurants in Quarry Bay. You're never far from a mouth-watering Thai menu in either a large, upmarket venue or a quirky, family-run eatery. Get ready for an explosion of flavours with green chilli, lemongrass and coconut, all of which can be found in Sun Thai Restaurant's traditional Thai green curry. If you've already tried Thailand's most famous dishes, then why not go for something a little different? Kam Lung Thaifood's fried curry clams are like nothing you've ever tasted before, with fragrant spices and melt-in-your-mouth sauce.
  2. 2.

    Discover European restaurants in Quarry Bay

    The restaurants in Quarry Bay offer some of the best European cuisine in Hong Kong. It's easy to grab a pizza loaded with fresh Napolitana sauce, mozzarella and fresh basil, or delicate French pastries for those with a sweet tooth. Simplicity and high-quality ingredients are the name of the game at Pranzo's who boasts a life-changing spaghetti aglio olio which is kept authentic and made with only garlic, chilli, parsley and olive oil. Elsewhere, the charcuterie selection at FRITES is great for sharing and is brimming with cured meats, pickles and grilled sourdough.
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    Get Hong Kong's best steak at Quarry Bay's restaurants

    Thanks to the city's cosmopolitan vibe, you're never far from a modern steakhouse serving up the tastiest cuts of meat. Many American and British-style restaurants also have juicy burgers and crispy chips on the menu too – the salty fries at Mr & Mrs Fox cannot be missed. If it's a steak you're after then try the US excel striploin steak from Bake N Grill, and have it as rare as you dare. Now you're in the mood for food, so book your table with Quandoo today.