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55 Restaurants in Mong Kok, Hong Kong

Restaurants in Mong Kok

One of the busiest parts of Hong Kong (and that's saying something), Mong Kok is packed with restaurants dishing up tasty food from all around the world. Korean, Levantine, even Dutch are just some of the international cuisines you'll encounter in this sizzling cultural melting pot. It's also a great place to combine dining out with some sight-seeing and retail therapy. The streets are lined with neon-fronted shops selling all manner of bargains. Meanwhile, the Ladies' Market is the place to go for clothes, handbags and watches – and don't forget to check out the colourful array of exotic critters at the Bird and Goldfish Markets.

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    Mong Kok’s Chinese restaurants

    Needless to say, Mong Kok is teeming with Chinese restaurants. For example, there are Mong Kok restaurants like Ding Ding on Sai Yeung Choi Street, where you can sample a varied menu of dim sum, broths and barbecue platters, as well as more unusual fare such as pickled pork trotters and sea cucumber hot pot. Speaking of dim sum, Sportful Garden is a popular restaurant chain that offers a particularly wide selection of these toothsome treats. Some of the dumplings come wrapped in lotus leaves, others in gold foil, and the fillings include shrimp, abalone and other prime ingredients.
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    Japanese-style Mong Kok restaurants

    Mong Kok has outstanding Japanese restaurants too. Some venues such as Wara Wara on Nathan Road favour traditional tatami rush mats and low tables for extra authenticity – the perfect setting for their signature yakitori chicken and beef sukiyaki. On the same street you'll also find sushi and tempura batter specialists like Kokoro, which matches its choice of delicious light bites with an impressive selection of imported Japanese craft beer.
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    Other Mong Kok restaurants

    In addition, Mong Kok boasts restaurants with a more western outlook. For familiar comfort food, there are US-style diners such as Amico 1890 on Sai Yee Street, which serves up steaks, gourmet burgers and New York pizza in surroundings bedecked with vintage Americana. Likewise, Amour Corner on Portland Street is a relaxed bistro offering classic French cuisine. Or for something more glitzy, try contemporary Italian venues like Sky726 on Nathan Road, where you can dine on succulent slow-cooked racks of lamb and fragrant black truffle risotto while taking in panoramic views of the city.