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Cuisine: Sushi
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1 Restaurant in Mong Kok: Sushi

Finding great sushi in Mong Kok has never been easier

Famously one of Hong Kong's great nightlife and entertainment hubs, Mong Kok's sushi bars help to make it one of the best places in the city to track down gourmet seafood meals as well. The range of sushi restaurants in Mong Kok is extraordinary, with various styles to choose from. If you're in the mood for a huge nigiri platter or some gunkan maki, you're in the right place. So have a look at Quandoo's local listings, which showcases the neighbourhood's finest eateries.

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Kokoro Sushi 鮨心

Mong Kok
Kokoro Sushi 鮨心
Looking for the best restaurants near you?
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    Tuck into sashimi at Mong Kok's sushi restaurants

    To start with, visiting Mong Kok's sushi restaurants is essential if you're a fan of high-quality sashimi. Regardless of whether you opt for tuna, swordfish or salmon, expect standouts like Wara Wara to serve up the freshest seafood imaginable. The chefs at these places will know their kaku-zukuri from their usu-zukuri, applying exactly the right cut to every piece of fish. You’ll find most of the sashimi dishes served in a classic Japanese style, with daikon, wasabi and wakame seaweed all part of the package.
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    Enjoy all kinds of sushi in Mong Kok

    Sashimi is really just the tip of the iceberg when we're talking about Mong Kok's sushi restaurants. At Ueno for example, you'll find a dazzling variety of sushi as well, including oshizushi, nigiri, temaki and fried inarizushi. Mix up a few different options to create a personalised platter or go for huge set meals that will test anyone's appetite. With squid, tuna, and veggie options on the menu, sushi fans in Mong Kok will never struggle to find something to devour. And with extra choices like teppanyaki beef on offer as well, you’ll be in Japanese heaven each and every time.
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    Meet up with friends for drinks and sushi in Mong Kok

    While the food rightly takes centre stage at Mong Kok's sushi restaurants, they are also set up to provide a great place for friends and family to get together and relax. Most of the eateries in the area offer a selection of craft beers along with a range of exquisite sake varieties. And some also offer delicious cocktail selections as well. So send out some invites and book a table. Great Japanese food awaits with Quandoo.