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3 Restaurants in Kowloon Bay: Desserts

In need of Desserts? Looking for Desserts in Kowloon Bay? Quandoo makes it quick and easy to discover the best, newest or nearest Desserts in Kowloon Bay, bookable in a flash. All you have to do is filter your search by how much money you want to spend, by cuisine type or by review rating, then review your results and pick a winner. Better yet, you can choose to display only Desserts bookable with Smart Offers, meaning discounts, deals and savings when you drink or dine. Indecision when you're at home or that feeling of cluelessness when you're in a new city can become things of the past, whatever the occasion might be. Whether you're out for a birthday meal, on a hot date or you need Desserts for a business event, you'll find somewhere to help get your occasion bang on. Oh, and before you book remember to read reviews, compare food pics and browse menu highlights. Sound good? It couldn't be easier. Start discovering the best Desserts now or, if you're in a rush, download the Quandoo app and then you can do all of the above on the hop!

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Sportful Garden Restaurant - Kowloon Bay 陶源酒家 - 九龍灣

Kowloon Bay
Sportful Garden Restaurant - Kowloon Bay 陶源酒家 - 九龍灣

Gyu-Kaku 牛角日本燒肉專門店

Kowloon Bay
Gyu-Kaku 牛角日本燒肉專門店

On-Yasai 温野菜

Kowloon Bay
On-Yasai 温野菜
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