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2 Restaurants in Causeway Bay: Vegetarian

Take your pick of vegetarian restaurants in Causeway Bay

Whatever you’re looking for, you’re sure to find it in Causeway Bay. It’s one of the world’s most heavily populated neighbourhoods and with such an influx of people comes a huge influx of international goods, services, traditions, cultures, and of course cuisines. Meat-free foodies will find themselves satisfied at Causeway Bay’s vegetarian restaurants, which offer dishes from all around the globe, prepared to the consistently high standard that Hong Kong is known for.

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Leisurely Veggie / 悠蔬食

Causeway Bay
Leisurely Veggie / 悠蔬食

The Herbivores - Causeway Bay

Causeway Bay
The Herbivores - Causeway Bay
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    Shop like you’ve never shopped before in the heart of Hong Kong

    If you’ve made your way to Hong Kong Island’s north shore, it’s likely you’ve got shopping in mind. Devotees of retail therapy will find themselves in heaven thanks to the area’s multitude of malls and markets. Times Square is the perfect place to get your fill, especially at night, when its many high rises are lit up like Christmas trees and still serving customers until the wee hours. All that shopping is guaranteed to work up an appetite, but luckily there are just as many places to eat as retail outlets. Make sure you visit one of the vegetarian restaurants in Causeway Bay to refuel when it’s time for a break.
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    Try Buddhist cuisine at vegetarian restaurants in Causeway Bay

    Vegetarian restaurants in Causeway Bay are the perfect place to try Buddhist cuisine, which, despite the name, is enjoyed just as much by non-Buddhists. It’s a branch of Cantonese cooking that is exclusively vegetarian, making the most of fresh Chinese plants and meat substitutes like tofu. Some people say that Hong Kong has no one local cuisine, thanks to the multinational influences that have intermingled there. But Buddhist cuisine is perhaps as close as you can get as it offers a range of indigenous dishes that would satisfy even the most hardened of Hong Kong’s meat eaters.
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    Vegetarian restaurants in Causeway Bay cater to vegans, too

    Dairy products are used relatively infrequently in East and South East Asian cuisines, hence you’re likely to see coconut milk or soy used in place of cow’s milk or cheese, if a dish needs a creamy component at all. At vegetarian restaurants in Causeway Bay you’ll often find your dish is actually vegan, which is perfect if you’re with vegan friends, or thinking to make the leap yourself. But you needn’t stick to Asian food if you’re eating at vegetarian restaurants in Causeway Bay, many also offer meat-free dishes from elsewhere in the world, so you can just as easily opt for Mexican, Italian or American.