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Ding Dim 1968 鼎點

蘇豪 · 中菜, 點心 · $$$$
4 項評論

關於 Ding Dim 1968 鼎點

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11:00 - 21:00
11:00 - 21:00
11:00 - 22:00
11:00 - 22:30
11:00 - 22:30
11:00 - 22:00
11:00 - 21:00


Ding Dim 1968 鼎點
Shop No.A, 14D Elgin Street,
Soho, Central, 香港




Beef Ball on Beancurd Sheet

HK$ 20.00

Siu Mai with Crab Roe

Pork Dumpling
HK$ 25.00

Xiao Long Bao with Black Truffle

HK$ 78.00

Sticky Rice Pocket with Chicken

HK$ 25.00

Beef & Egg on Rice

HK$ 25.00

Phoenix Talons & Pork Ribs on Rice

HK$ 25.00


Golden Osmanthus Jelly

HK$ 15.00

Glutinous Rice Dumpling with Mango

HK$ 20.00
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4 Ding Dim 1968 鼎點 Reviews

Tiffany L.2 yıl önce · 10評論

Surprised to find a dim sum place in the middle of Soho! The food was not bad, but I've had better dim sum for sure. Prices are average. Seating is not comfortable at all, but OK for a quick lunch. Service was average, the waitress missed an order and didn't seem very keen. Also they don't take credit cards. I wouldn't mind coming here on my own for a quick bite if I am in the area craving dim sum, but I may not plan in advance to come here again...

Eileen Y.2 yıl önce · 1評論

Staff were extremely friendly even to foreigners and the food was good and affordably priced. Space isn't that big though so be sure to make a reservation!

Ashton T.2 yıl önce · 1評論

Everyone loved it! It was a little hard to reach but the food was great and service was kind. Their polo char siew buns were amazing.

David H.2 yıl önce · 1評論

It was OK, but there are better dim sum places in this town. Most of the customers were foreign tourists. This was fun to watch.