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La Paloma

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  • Vendredi 12:00 - 15:00, 18:00 - 23:30
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La Paloma, Queens Road West 189, Sai Ying Pun Hong Kong

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155 Avis

5.0 /6 Excellent 155 Avis
Nourriture: Délicieuse
Ambiance: Bonne
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Qualite/Prix: Bon marché
Service/Personnel: Amical
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Karen M.
2 avis jusqu'à maintenant 6
06.08.2017 18:27

The food is always consistently great and the service from Ricky and the staff is second to none. The brunch on Sunday is definitely worth a vist.

Joseph L.
1 avis jusqu'à maintenant 6
06.08.2017 18:06

great weekend brunch, and chef cook the big paella on site! it's really interesting experience and really worth paying a visit to it. highly recommend!

Bella N.
1 avis jusqu'à maintenant 6
13.07.2017 01:27

good food ! love the potato with octupus and they got nice staff ! love it ! we really enjoy the dinner. love to come again .

Iris K.
1 avis jusqu'à maintenant 6
10.07.2017 09:28

The food is great and we had a good time. We were seated next to a table of 12 - 14 20+ college students(?). With the background music which is quite loud, we almost cannot hear ourselves. Also, we were seated next to the paella station (which they actually cook the whole thing), so it was a bit warm

Anthony A.
1 avis jusqu'à maintenant 2
22.09.2016 09:57

From the moment I received a phone call from La Paloma to confirm my reservation I knew my experience wasn't going to be a good one. In hindsight, I should have just cancelled the reservation then but I had promised my girlfriend Spanish food for dinner. The greeting upon arriving at the restaurant was cold. Felt like we were an inconvenience. Menus were thrown in front of us and the waitress immediately left. After going through the drinks list we had to call the waitress over to order. Looked like such an effort for her to come over and take our drinks order. Ordered a glass of red and the Fino Fino Philipino cocktail. The wine was barely drinkable and despite the promise of passionfruit, lime, mint, rum and cava I was served a small glass full of ice and a cheap tasting rum. Not a single hint of passionfruit, lime or mint. Can't complain about the food except that it is a bit pricey considering the portion sizes and ingredients used. Needless to say we won't be back or recommending La Paloma which is a pity since the decor is great and the food has promise. Worst part is that they don't charge service which to me should mean that waiters are very enthusiastic to look after you in exchange for a good tip.

Martin F.
1 avis jusqu'à maintenant 6
03.08.2015 18:21

Saturday evening dinner experience - full restaurant with all tables busy all the time (was there from 7pm to 10pm). Yet service fluent and fast, something which is hard to get even in very upscale and expensive places. Restaurant manager Ricky constantly checking among tables if everything is all right and waiter/waitress were next to my table frequently, discreetly and politely. Food - actually when leaving, the chef personally told me "I have noticed you eat a lot!", to which only one answer existed - because the food is superb! All kinds of tapas - tasty, attractive presentation, fresh. Try stuffed baby squids, mamma's meatballs, patatas bravas, fried escalops with bechamel, ... and of couse paella in few different variations) - all tasty and fresh. Nice and decent-priced spanish wine list - can choose from quite local spanish producers as well as from bigger names (e.g. Alvara Palacios) Overall - will repeat for sure and will share with friends. Reservation recommended on busy Friday/weekend nights.

Angela R.
1 avis jusqu'à maintenant 5
18.02.2017 21:25

La Paloma's interior is spacious, and cozy. Its staff are attentive, although they do have difficulties addressing requests during peak hours. We had the weekend brunch, and it was definitely a steal at HK$250 per person. The cochinillo was really tender, and tasty, and the skin was stayed crunchy beyond the expected time. Paella was also good, though I would have been happier if there were slices of hard boiled eggs. The tapas were very tasty, but I found the bravas to be the best.

Vivian L.
1 avis jusqu'à maintenant 2
22.11.2016 10:24

3 things make up a diner's restaurant experience - the food, the environment and the people (the staff). It majorly failed on the staff portion: the receptionist was noexistent then was less than enthusiastic to show us to our seating and the servers did not know what their own menu was (there was an award winning dish which 2 of the staff seem to not know existed. Least impressive of all was when they tried to offer us a smaller portion of the paella as it would have been free based on the super monday buy-1-get-1-free deal which is utterly unbelievable. The food itself was ok, we tried 3 tapas and 2 mains and the dish of the night was probably the paella. The award winning pork dish was impressively juicy, but extremely fatty with nothing acidic to cut thru the richness. The paella was delicious but abit too salty. We've always loved Fofo by el Willy, but we're not impressed by what we saw at La Paloma, we might as well just go back to Fofo / go elsewhere.

Doede R.
1 avis jusqu'à maintenant 5
13.08.2016 12:05

La Paloma has not yet been inflicted by typical Hong Kong restaurant inconsistencies. The food and service are always on the mark. Food is delicious, but 4 stars instead of 5 as some portion sizes are a bit varied for sharing - such as tortillas are more than adequate but the the fresh sardinillas are too small to be shared.

Jessica R.
2 avis jusqu'à maintenant 5
14.09.2015 07:43

Food and atmosphere were fantastic! I would definitely go back :) I would have given the restaurant a 5, but the waitstaff just needed to be a bit more attentive, on multiple occasions we had to try and get their attention while 3 or more were standing around having a chat. When I did get their attention to ask for a glass of wine, they took my order and walked off without asking the rest of the table what they would like. Having said that, food and drinks were brought out quickly once we had ordered, and there was one waiter who once we got his attention was brilliant and very helpful.

Cheryl M.
1 avis jusqu'à maintenant 5
21.01.2017 08:57

We enjoyed every dish we had. The lobster paella was especially good and huge. Only thing, service could be better. Spilling water by the server all over the table and leaving puddles of water is not OK. When we asked to have the water wiped up, server was reluctant to do it or just didn't get it. Had to ask twice and took so long to take care of a simple matter. Also when we asked for wine glasses, our server mad a facially express of annoyance. But I'll still give it a second chance and go back.

camelia y.
1 avis jusqu'à maintenant 6
19.11.2015 15:36

I am ovo lactose & gluten intolerant. The staff at La Paloma went out of their way to accommodate me, even customizing some of the dishes in their brunch menu so that I could eat it. I was very impressed!

Sarah B.
3 avis jusqu'à maintenant 6
22.08.2016 08:01

My first time at La Paloma. A lovely restautrant and very friendly staff. The food was simply amazing I was there during the guest chef El Palanca and had the special menu, it was fantastic. I will go back again.

Sabrina L.
5 avis jusqu'à maintenant 5
19.05.2017 09:48

My second visits to La Paloma, it was great as usual. I got to try my dishes this time and staff was friendly to recommend us what to have with the 7 of us. It's just a bit noisy with loud music but still great services !

Brett N.
1 avis jusqu'à maintenant 6
22.09.2016 10:02

Great! Proper paella hard to find in this town! The roast pork is crispy & very juicy, Hong Kongers will love it. When we came to pay the bill we ran in to some issue with Supermonday deal -- some of the menu items apply and some do not -- but the hostess took responsibility and gave us the discount anyway. That is using good judgement to override a rulebook...also rare in this town! We will be back.

Alba C.
1 avis jusqu'à maintenant 6
17.03.2016 09:20

La Paloma is allways great experience. Restaurant is super coisy, warm and welcoming. Food is excellent and staff super nice. Highly recommended. I will for sure go back. In fact, this is six or seventh time there.

Virginia C.
1 avis jusqu'à maintenant 6
27.03.2016 22:35

Amazing atmosphere and wonderful food. Actually I am from Spain and I can tell this is an authentic Spanish restaurant, the food was exquisite, fresh ingredients and really high quality. We were delight with all the variety of tapas they offer, cold and hot, and of course also with the main courses like paella. We had a "arroz negro" black rice , which was absolutely amazing! I will highly recommend you this fantastic place.

Marthe V.
14 avis jusqu'à maintenant 6
15.04.2016 14:25

La Paloma is a really nice restaurant. Super good food and nice dishes with a very convenient and relaxed atmosphere and excellent service (good recommendations for the food and the wine!). I will definitely be back!

Denvy L.
4 avis jusqu'à maintenant 5
30.08.2015 09:50

It was a much more crowded night than on Tuesday when I went earlier in the week. If you like your venue noisy with a great buzz, go to La Paloma on the weekends. Otherwise it is best to stick to the weekdays.

Rodney S.
2 avis jusqu'à maintenant 5
12.08.2015 08:37

We went on A Saturday just after midday and it was pretty quiet. We had the Brunch menu with the Wagyu steak as our main and they were happy to make a few changes to some of the tapas as my wife is pregnant and I can not eat fish. Plenty of food and no duds in the dishes, steak was super tasty with a rich sauce. With one wine, a coffee and some sparkling water it was about $900

Louise R.
9 avis jusqu'à maintenant 6
22.05.2017 08:36

We really enjoyed brunch at La Paloma. All of the staff were friendly and attentive, service was smooth and most of all the food was delicious - the paella being a particular highlight.

Anna E.
1 avis jusqu'à maintenant 6
15.05.2017 09:31

What I love about La Paloma, It's a place where you can bring family and friends in any occasion! The tapas are just amazing. :) Keep it up! Definitely will come back.

Kellie S.
1 avis jusqu'à maintenant 5
12.08.2016 07:50

Came here for a meal with the girls. Food was yummy, we ordered a paella which was huge, the seabass, lentils with chorizo (mmmmm) and some croquettes - all very tasty. The interior of the restaurant is very funky, the only thing is that its very noisy when full with other people so were having to shout a lot. That being said we did have an enjoyable evening and I would come back.

Peggy W.
2 avis jusqu'à maintenant 5
19.09.2015 08:19

The food was good, staff were nice and the ambience was vibrant. I would recommend the meatballs with squid as it is a bit different from how other Spanish restaurants prepare meatballs. The daily special of grilled red prawns is very nice and fresh, but it is $78 per prawn which is a bit pricy. Loved the rice pudding dessert!! Will have to go back with a bigger group to try the paella.

Denvy L.
4 avis jusqu'à maintenant 6
26.08.2015 09:45

Great service and amazing food (get the squid ink paella - you can't go wrong), at very reasonable prices. Well done La Paloma - I'll definitely be back!

Belle K.
1 avis jusqu'à maintenant 5
20.02.2017 08:10

I have been to La Paloma many times and it's always my top choice for gatherings. The dining area is spacious, service is great, and the food is delicious with right hearty portion

Rachel C.
1 avis jusqu'à maintenant 5
03.04.2016 11:30

La Paloma is nicely decorated, and relatively spacious which is good for friends gathering. Could be a bit noisy for couples though. For food: ensalada, gambas and paella are my favourite.

1 avis jusqu'à maintenant 5
17.03.2016 09:09

Very entertaining atmosphere with a good vibe - worth the experience. Staff is accommodating and one wonder how much they can serve from such a small kitchen. The service was a tad slow, but with a restaurant that full is normal - reserve several days ahead if you plan to go there on a Saturday

Henrietta J.
2 avis jusqu'à maintenant 5
15.10.2016 10:37

We had a great evening at La Paloma - really good food, friendly staff, nice deco. But for the price the portions were a bit too pricy

Yvonne C.
1 avis jusqu'à maintenant 5
27.10.2015 11:39

La Paloma is always one of the best restaurant in town, love their patata braves and squid ink paella so much, and the price just so reasonable!

Randa L.
1 avis jusqu'à maintenant 5
04.02.2016 11:47

the staff is very friendly and helpful. one of the staff proposed to enlarge the portion of a dish (which has 4 pieces) to 5 so that all 5 of us could have a bite. We were there celebrating a friend's birthday and the staff volunteered to help us take pictures.

Melanie B.
2 avis jusqu'à maintenant 5
21.02.2016 11:38

Really enjoyed the selection of tapas we chose. Some were better than others. The garlic prawns, potatoes and calamari sandwich were great. The sexy crab sandwich a little dry. Deserts were not the best. The churros were good but not on menu. Would go back again to try the paella.

Angelo S.
2 avis jusqu'à maintenant 6
04.02.2017 10:22

One of the best paella I've ever had, also for Spanish standards. We tried tapas also: surprising. Good selelection of wines for an affordable price. Ricky and his staff are professionals that will make your dinner a wonderful and funny experience.

Alison C.
1 avis jusqu'à maintenant 6
23.06.2017 07:22

Excellent service and food. My party of 7 had the tasting menu, tapas, a choice of main course ( meat or fish) and dessert. Every item was superb. House wine wasn't too hot but wine chosen from wine list was good.

Cherry Y.
1 avis jusqu'à maintenant 5
14.07.2017 17:25

A special experience on the vegan lunch set (also requested to avoid garlic & onion) ~ chef is very thoughtful and creative - crunchy lentil salad, sliced apple & rocket pizza, they kindly offer to taste their seasonal vegetable paella ! all taste great ! worth a try.

Winnie T.
1 avis jusqu'à maintenant 5
16.04.2017 21:36

Good food, cheerful ambience. Would be great if there could be a kids' play area on weekends. We had the angel hair pasta which was served on a paella plate, interesting that it looked like fried noodles and tasted delicious. The staff were friendly to the toddlers.

Terence W.
2 avis jusqu'à maintenant 5
05.12.2016 09:20

Love the environment and the great brunch there. Unfortunately, the paella is not hot enough and i believe it could be more tasty. Overall, good food and good environment. P.S. The lift to the restaurant is a bit hard to find..make sure you dont miss the door!

Ryan S.
2 avis jusqu'à maintenant 6
16.10.2016 11:45

Wonderful staff and excellent food! My fiance is vegan and they are always happy to accommodate us in providing an excellent meal. The old chef was always happy to help us with food and the new chef, the same!

Johann W.
1 avis jusqu'à maintenant 5
01.10.2016 20:02

The weekend brunch is marvelous, yet the paella is too wet and soft, it needs some enhancement. The free-flow sangria is nice, willing to drink a lot ! Don't forget to make an encore on suckling pigs! It's soo fabulous ! I will come back later

steffie S.
9 avis jusqu'à maintenant 6
24.03.2016 10:47

The food are AMAZING!!! Haven't had good food like this for so long! Ink paella is the most recommended dishes! Me and my boyfriend love it so much! Staff are nice, environment is good! Will definitely come again!

Jennifer L.
5 avis jusqu'à maintenant 6
16.10.2016 22:06

Great value brunch! Good Spanish food in Hong Kong. I especially liked the tuna carpaccio and the proscuitto. It's got a good vibe and is suitable for larger groups, although I went with just one friend today.

teck K.
1 avis jusqu'à maintenant 3
10.01.2016 16:40

Food - mediocre for the price we paid Service - inconsistency in service. Two were OK, others, could tell they were either a newbie or just plain ignorant. Mind you, basket of bread came after, only after we have finished half of our orders. Little did we know we were supposed to get them in the first place. Environment - more refined version of Nandos. Probability of returning - never in this life.

Tina L.
1 avis jusqu'à maintenant 6
30.10.2016 07:53

Great restaurant and delicious food! Staff were friendly and helpful. My friend was half hour late and they seated me and brought me water and the first course to keep me entertained. Would highly recommend.

Carmen C.
3 avis jusqu'à maintenant 4
18.10.2016 09:01

Had Super Monday (buy one get one free) here so we didn't try the tapas. I had the lamb short ribs which were ok but my friend's sea bass platter was really good (and beautifully presented). Special braised rib taco only came as one piece, so it wasn't really worth the money.

Boris L.
1 avis jusqu'à maintenant 5
17.09.2016 11:47

When we asked to change for a better seating, they made arrangement for us to sit in the bar area, and we were the only table there on that Tuesday night. Friendly staff. Only the paella was a bit too salty.

1 avis jusqu'à maintenant 2
15.10.2016 10:57

I have been before at FuFu. And it was amazing. La Paloma the food is very well done also. I felt like at home(i am Spanish). The people is kind and warm. But it is extremelly pricy. Almost 500 HKD for one Sangria. So I will not come back. regards

Maria N.
1 avis jusqu'à maintenant 6
21.07.2016 13:06

I had a great experience dining here yesterday while celebrating my birthday! Thank you very much for making it such a memorable experience! I look forward to coming back in the near future!!!

Karen T.
4 avis jusqu'à maintenant 6
08.04.2016 08:25

Great service. Tapas especially delicious. We had the set and it was filling, plus they got churros - hot, fresh, and just up to standards. Good for both small groups and bigger groups.

Tracy L.
2 avis jusqu'à maintenant 5
14.04.2017 10:23

+ Dishes are flavorful + drinks and wines are good and pqr is medium high + atmosphere is nice and relaxed + service is good + convenient location - portion size is small for the price, pqr low medium

John C.
1 avis jusqu'à maintenant 5
15.11.2016 07:58

Great vibe. Foods were well prepared and service was quite attentive. A bit too noisy for Monday night as there were a few parties including a wine tasting event going on. Other than that it was a good experience