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Beef & Liberty - Lan Kwai Fong

Central Américain, Burgers $$$ +100
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Heures d'ouverture

  • Lundi 12:00 - 15:00, 18:00 - 23:00
  • Mardi 12:00 - 15:00, 18:00 - 23:00
  • Mercredi 12:00 - 15:00, 18:00 - 23:00
  • Jeudi 12:00 - 15:00, 18:00 - 23:00
  • Vendredi 12:00 - 15:00, 18:00 - 02:00
  • Samedi 12:00 - 02:00
  • Dimanche 12:00 - 22:00
Beef & Liberty - Lan Kwai Fong, 3/F, California Tower, 32 D’Aguilar Street,, Central Hong Kong

200 Avis

5.1 /6 Excellent 200 Avis
Bruit: Calme
Ambiance: Excellente
Qualite/Prix: Bon marché
Service/Personnel: Excellent
Nourriture: Divine
Temps D'Attente: Pas de temps d'attente
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80 5
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Holy Y.
4 avis jusqu'à maintenant 6
23.06.2017 11:04

I got my own server and I think the service is excellent. The food is good and I had I really good time there. I think I will be coming back really soon:)

Peter L.
1 avis jusqu'à maintenant 6
23.04.2017 08:16

The burgers are the yummiest!!! We really enjoyed the milkshakes also. It is a nice place in LKF to bringing younger children before 8:00pm. Thanks.

Joshua L.
2 avis jusqu'à maintenant 6
22.03.2017 20:09

Beef & liberty is spacious and as I have booked a table in advance, I did not need to wait to be seated. The food and the service was great and we had an enjoyable lunch.

Vara B.
1 avis jusqu'à maintenant 6
22.03.2017 08:40

Excellent food, drinks and service. Decor and venue also fantastic as is location. They also brought complimentary food at the beginning and end of the meal which was a nice touch.

Darren F.
2 avis jusqu'à maintenant 6
09.01.2017 09:46

Brilliant start to the new year! It was a very tasty lunch. To celebrate the NY, we were offered a (free) serving of Beef & Liberty's chicken liver parfait, which we've never tried before. With crispy shallots for a crunchy texture and maple syrup to balance out the pate's rich flavour, it was a dish that we'd now order again! For mains, I had the confit duck burger, a limited holiday edition burger - succulent, juicy confit duck, with braised red cabbage - SO SO good! My wife enjoyed the Bacon Cheese, served medium - gooey raclette cheese, crispy bacon on top of a juicy patty, what's not to like?! As this was a Friday end of week lunch, we decided to treat ourselves to a shared dessert - the Banoffee Pie. Very glad we got it as it was a fab sweet treat to finish off the meal - sticky caramel, sweet bananas in a vanilla creamy mousse on top of an oaty base. The crunchy choc bits really topped it off! Fantastic with a black coffee. This lunch certainly put a smile on our faces and we will be back at Beef & Liberty again very soon!

Cecilia T.
4 avis jusqu'à maintenant 6
15.09.2016 20:54

I came for the signature banoffee pie, so I decided to have a mini bacon and cheese burger as the main dish. The mini burger is very tiny; it tastes really good tho! I love having it with the house ketchup and mustard which lift up the taste of beef a lot. After the mini burger, I simply went straight to order my favourite banoffee pie. I would say, B&L serves the best banoffee pie in town indeed! It is not too sweet but with a strong taste of toffee syrup. It has many slices of banana and you can feel that there's some popping candies in your mouth jumping here and there! It is actually a portion for 2 persons and the price is way too reasonable which I must come back for it with my companion. I barely finished the whole pie, then I asked for a box for takeaway. You know what, the banoffee pie tastes even better after refrigerated an hour at home! I would not hesitate to take away the banoffee pie whenever I pass by B&L.

Kristen B.
1 avis jusqu'à maintenant 5
21.03.2017 08:36

The restaurant is really lovely, great decor and ambiance. The service initially was quick and attentive but then unfortunately we felt that the waiter, although he took our order quite promptly when requested didn't actually complete the order. We did not receive the water that was requested for the table and one of the menu items did not arrive. We noticed that our waiter appeared to the only one working half of the restaurant and we felt that he was too busy. When our food did arrive we had noticed that it had been sat on the food pass for at least 5 minutes. What this mean was the chips were cold when they arrived at the table. Some had to be sent back they were so cold. The food cheeseburger I ordered and Liberty fries were great. I will definitely be back, hopefully there are more waiters next time!

Kenneth D.
1 avis jusqu'à maintenant 6
01.12.2016 14:37

A fantastic lunch. The food was tasty and in my opinion above average for this type of cuisine. Seasoned perfectly (what is it with HK restaurants fear of using salt?), cooked to perfection and well presented. But the reason for 6 out of 6. I always believe the sign of a good restaurant is how they respond to an issue. My glass was chipped and I asked for the drink to be replaced. This was done without complaint. I was more than happy but the fabulous waitress provided a dessert on the house in way of a further apology. Very enjoyable and without question I will be heading back...

Olivia T.
1 avis jusqu'à maintenant 5
17.02.2017 16:34

It was a busy lunchtime. 20 minutes into lunch, we asked the waiter if we could have our food quicker as we had to head back to the office in half hour. He was reluctant at first and said he will try his best, but nonetheless the food was brought out 5 minutes after. As he knew we were in a hurry, he also brought over the bill to save us time. He later explained that because the big boss was in, everyone was stressed. Personally, having worked in a busy restaurant myself, I do not see that as an excuse to be stressed in a restaurant full of customers, but he was really polite and apologetic about it. The food was excellent.

Cecilia T.
4 avis jusqu'à maintenant 6
13.02.2017 13:17

Have been looking forward to the weekend brunch menu. Tried mac & cheese sandwich and that was awesome! It was really mac & cheese filling with grilled cheese on the surface, the taste was just right and not greasy at all. The bacon jam was unexpectedly good which was such a perfect match with the cheese. As usual, I ordered a banoffee pie to wrap up my brunch. The banana slices always go well with the toffee syrup, love it so much!! Will definitely come back for the brunch menu.

Katherine I.
1 avis jusqu'à maintenant 6
12.02.2017 10:00

Very warm hospitality. Ambience was great. The place is clean. Those sweet potato fries had brilliant sauce to go with it. The black pepper burger fulfilled its promise of freshly ground pepper and the beef patty was juicy, perfectly cooked. One teeny drawback was that the bread was a little soggy at the bottom but Im not sure if much can be done about that. Otherwise it was a perfect end to my day.

Anand S.
1 avis jusqu'à maintenant 6
13.11.2016 08:53

I'd eaten at the Wan Chai branch before but this was my first time at this branch. The fit out of the space is superb - much better than Wan Chai. It was a beautiful sunny day which we got to enjoy sitting on the terrace, and the service was fantastic. The food was as good as I had expected from my visits to the Wan Chai branch.

Nancy W.
1 avis jusqu'à maintenant 6
27.09.2016 10:12

Lambo and pork burger were good, although the portion wasn't so big. I do like the burger bun and barbecue sauce of the burger. For ladies, the burger won't drip lot of sauce while eating. Therefore won't be a messed. I have top up for red wine, I guess I couldn't ask for more on the house red, could have improvement on the house wine.

Wendy S.
1 avis jusqu'à maintenant 5
15.09.2016 17:02

Comfortable setting and environment. Good to have a relaxing gathering with friends. A la carte and sets are available. They have three sets, each consist of a burger, fries/salad and a drink. The notorious p.i.g. burger was a little bit spicy but i love the sauce, and I couldn't stop eating the fries, crispy on the outside and tender in the inside. I love the fresh lemonade too. Overall I would recommend the restaurant.

Candy Y.
1 avis jusqu'à maintenant 5
30.09.2016 20:15

The beef bacon cheese burger is a must have item! Very juicy and along with the fries and freshly lemonade are perfectly match! The lambo burger is also quite interesting to give it a try! The service is very attentive although we noticed they were something happened to next table but the recovery service from the company is good! Will definitely come back thanks Chef and all staffs!

Mikki C.
1 avis jusqu'à maintenant 3
28.11.2016 12:17

The waiters available were evidently scarced at around 10pm. We requested for checking the bill, it took us 10 mins to finally get a waiter to help us, and then waited another 10 mins to have the bill delivered to us. The worst thing was we waited 10 mins for the waiter to collect our visa for the payment, yet we were in a hurry, so we needed to get up and walk out to get someone to take our visa. As for the rest, they were good, but the dinning experience turned sour at the end due to the exceptionally long waiting time for checkig the bill.

Cola C.
3 avis jusqu'à maintenant 5
19.10.2016 14:50

Staff were nice and friendly. They were always there whenever we needed help. The food was great as usual! We will definitely be back again in future. (Just a minor issue that affected us, but there's nothing to do with the restaurant, which was the guy two tables away from us was talking too loudly and it was quite disturbing along with the music)

Denvy L.
5 avis jusqu'à maintenant 3
15.02.2017 13:11

The restaurant was very busy when I got there, so I expected the service to be slower than usual. However it was dead slow, or if I am being blunt - non-existent. I waved at every server to get service for 10 minutes and after not getting any responses I literally had to walk to a server to get service. After the order, the drinks took more than 10 minutes to arrive (we ordered sparkling water and a glass of wine - not even a cocktail!). That's just not cool, B&L! Thankfully the food was spot-on, so that kind of saved this review.

Dougal M.
1 avis jusqu'à maintenant 4
19.01.2017 17:34

Nice burger, very nice. Slow drinks, finished burger before drinks arrived. We stayed for a few more drinks, no complaint. This was lunchtime, so only 1 barman, as we are told. But, this place only does burgers, and churns them out, sadly lacked the extras gor a chilled lunch. Perhaps cater to the in/out, coca cola only business luch. Still, a damn good burger. Make sure you order fries, burger is burger only.

Suzanne P.
3 avis jusqu'à maintenant 5
13.01.2017 21:22

Came for brunch on Saturday morning and had the mac'n'cheese sandwich - delicious! The service was attentive without being overbearing and I appreciated the refills for my teapot. The restaurant itself is bright and spacious and was quite quiet first thing on a Saturday morning, although filling up with the lunch crowd by the time I was leaving.

Jazreel C.
2 avis jusqu'à maintenant 6
26.09.2016 14:44

Had their lamb burger and it was really delicious especially with the sauce that came with it. I also ordered their sweet potato fries which I really enjoyed as well. Another must try is their dessert...their warm skillet chocolate and cream cookie is simply sensational.

Candice H.
1 avis jusqu'à maintenant 6
18.10.2016 12:12

Our waiter Warren was great! Energetic, helpful and caring! We went for Meatless Monday and enjoyed the beetroot burger, fries, crudites and fried macaroni bites. The beetroot burger was better than before with a crispier crust and the macaroni bites were delicious.

Tony K.
1 avis jusqu'à maintenant 5
27.09.2016 15:13

The burgers were great. The fried pig skin was a failure. It was disappointed when we were told that milk shakes were not available while we saw others were enjoying them. May be they were just sold out. Too little choice of dessert. Overall this is a satisfied experience.

Neil R.
1 avis jusqu'à maintenant 5
12.03.2017 22:28

The burgers were mostly excellent, especially the beef. The bacon less so. Whilst having good taste it appeared to have been cooked some time before the rest of the burger, resulting in some unwelcome toughness. The mac n cheese balls were disappointing; the cheese was tasteless. Negroni was excellent.

Keith W.
5 avis jusqu'à maintenant 5
07.10.2016 09:05

The waiters are nice and helpful. They helped me out immediately after they found that I couldnt pour out the ketchup. The only thing I found unsatisfactory is I ordered the burgers at the same time as my next desk, but my burger came 15 mins later than theirs.

hei k.
1 avis jusqu'à maintenant 6
12.10.2016 10:51

great food and atmosphere as well as the services i had the slow cook lamb burger and it is great, tender and juicy and we had the deep fried sweet potato, taste nice too will go back definitely

Amanda d.
2 avis jusqu'à maintenant 5
23.10.2016 21:54

Service was excellent from our 2 waiters Callum and Warren, and the cocktails were heavenly. My favourite was the monthly special burger, the Lambo. To make it even more vibey, they had a dj playing good hip hop. All in all a great dinner out!

Adrienne W.
1 avis jusqu'à maintenant 5
06.11.2016 15:38

Service was great! Staff was wonderful. I wasn't over the hill for the food but he ambiance and excellent service made up for it. I also didn't get a burger (I went for brunch) & I believe their burgers would have been a better option.

Michelle M.
1 avis jusqu'à maintenant 5
22.10.2016 11:34

Service was good, perhaps a bit trying too hard, however that came in handy when I found 'something' in my fries that should have been there. The fries were replaced immediately and they offered us a complimentary appetizer. That aside, I will visit again.

Natalie S.
1 avis jusqu'à maintenant 6
09.11.2016 16:46

The best burger in town! Due to popularity, it may be difficult to walk-in so I suggest making a reservation. Their burgers are all affordable and the chips are just awesome! Will always revisit this place!

Vincent C.
9 avis jusqu'à maintenant 6
01.09.2016 21:43

Very spacious and comfortable seating. Same high ceiling as the Wanchai shop, which I love. The new appertisers such as deep fried olives with stuffed cheese and the sausage roll are very delicious. Will definitely revisit.

Winnie K.
2 avis jusqu'à maintenant 5
11.11.2016 17:34

Food, environment and service are highly appreciated. Food preparation time is a bit long. We have to wait about 25 mins for our food. In short, it is a good experience to dine in B&L and we would like to visit again =)

leung a.
1 avis jusqu'à maintenant 4
29.09.2016 10:56

All staffs with smile .helpful. foods are delicious, fresh but a liitle bit noise on weekday(music too loud) I saw Chef Uwe Opocensky...hope I can take a picture w/him actually can we take picture w/ Chef Uwe Opocensky...hope I can Last . i hv a wonderful dinner w/my friend ..and Chef Regards chuen

leung k.
1 avis jusqu'à maintenant 6
30.10.2016 08:56

there was a nice welcome upon arrival. Waiting staff were of mixed ability and responsiveness to adding water. The chicken, bamboo, sesame salad was fresh with nice leaves. Lamb burgers a little small but tasty.

Andrew Z.
1 avis jusqu'à maintenant 6
31.08.2016 21:41

Excellent burgers with reasonable price in LKF. And love its decorations. Nice place for friends gathering. Waiters are nice, they even offered us a plate of sausage roll for free (which tastes good of course).

James D.
1 avis jusqu'à maintenant 6
05.12.2016 15:43

Love this place! Best burgers in HK! Great atmosphere and service, especially if you get the laughing waitress (I still don't understand whats happening but she is loving life and that really makes the meal.

Stephanie L.
1 avis jusqu'à maintenant 6
22.12.2016 16:46

My second time here! Great food and friendly services! Tried both their beef burger and pulled pork burger. Personally prefer the beef burger but the pulled pork (aka the notorious pig) is tasty as well!

Renee S.
1 avis jusqu'à maintenant 5
04.10.2016 09:56

We have a great night there. Our server is friendly and well intro of their new dishes such as the Lambo and set offer. The Bacon & cheese burger is perfect, unfortunately the crispy pig skin is quite hard to bite

Scott E.
1 avis jusqu'à maintenant 6
06.03.2017 17:33

This was my first time at the LKF location, and it was the same high quality I've come to expect from Beef & Liberty. Good service too, which can be rare in Hong Kong.

Elaine F.
1 avis jusqu'à maintenant 6
04.03.2017 00:24

One of the best services I have experienced, Kutar is a star! ⭐️ We had a great time there, will definitely come back and recommend to our friends! Black pepper burger is sooooo yum!

Winnie K.
2 avis jusqu'à maintenant 6
13.03.2017 09:38

Delicious food, comfortable environment and excellent service of B&L make me visit frequently. Especially love the bacon-cheese burger and fries (and sweet potato fries are good too). You will love B&L once you visited.

Bernard F.
1 avis jusqu'à maintenant 6
14.03.2017 17:13

As usual, food was great and service was excellent and efficient. Staff was very freindly. Perhaps the lunch menu could expand a bit and provide more choices. All in all, an excellent lunch experience.

Michelle C.
5 avis jusqu'à maintenant 5
29.09.2016 07:50

Burger are still the best I have ever tried. Great to have new menu items but my favorite corn dish is gone. Hope it will return soon. Ambience is appropriate for a restaurant at the busiest area of Hong Kong.

Vicky T.
1 avis jusqu'à maintenant 6
08.03.2017 15:10

environment is great, service is great and the sweet potato fries is a must. I wish there are more choices for the drink included in set lunch. I will certainly come back again.

Stephanie S.
2 avis jusqu'à maintenant 6
13.10.2016 07:47

We tried the Wanchai shop. And this ia my first time to try Beef & Liberty in Central. The food are Nice. Good service and environment. We will be back and enjoy again.

Elsie F.
1 avis jusqu'à maintenant 6
14.12.2016 11:30

Love the sliders. Milkshake without milk is fantastic. Good service and prompt. Using Quango to book the table was a breeze. Good location and I would go back with my friends any time!

Grace L.
1 avis jusqu'à maintenant 5
14.12.2016 22:48

food and service quality is excellent given it's a burger joint in nice decor. very noisy during lunch tho. had drinks there before and much nicer in the evenings. cocktails are done properly and nicely but at half portions!

Tim L.
1 avis jusqu'à maintenant 5
23.12.2016 18:34

Great kid friendly spot in a not so kid friendly part of town. Burger was great, good selection of beer on tap. Only question is the value - while OK for Hong Kong, makes it an expensive quick bite.

Jane N.
1 avis jusqu'à maintenant 6
30.09.2016 10:51

the staff are really friendly and nice. Surely the food tasty super good too, will recommend to my friend for sure. And i really appreciate there have a veggie burger, love it

Andy H.
2 avis jusqu'à maintenant 6
09.09.2016 19:37

Went back for a second time in the same weekend. Service was exceptional as before. Having a really good time sampling their new snacks - would recommend the mac and cheese bites!