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  • Maanantai Suljettu
  • Tiistai 17:00 - 23:00
  • Keskiviikko 17:00 - 23:00
  • Torstai 17:00 - 23:00
  • Perjantai 12:00 - 23:00
  • Lauantai 12:00 - 23:00
  • Sunnutai 12:00 - 15:30
TARTINE, Lyndhurst Terrace 38-42, HK Hong Kong 中環擺花街38號2-3樓


Tartine brings you the ultimate comfort food on Thursday the 1st of June. Prepared at your table, we offer you an Italian classic! Piping hot spaghetti seasoned inside an enormous wheel of parmesan, just like mamma used to make!

Katso Cheese & Wine Wednesdays

Our extensive range of French cheeses are artfully curated by Jeremy Evrard and are offered in 2 selections: Board of 3 Cheeses for 198 HKD Board of 5 Cheeses for 328 HKD Subject to a 10% SC

Katso Lunch Set

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Katso Brunch Menu

Katso Tartine

30 arvostelua

4.1 /6 Erittäin hyvä 30 arvostelua
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Ruoka: herkullinen
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Obbard M.
1 arvostelu tähän mennessä 6
31.07.2017 08:11

Fantastic brunch and excellent service. The best Hollandaise I have had including France and a lovely selection of French cheese to finish the meal. Recommend level 3 with a nice shaded balcony.

Natalie L.
10 arvostelua tähän mennessä 6
03.02.2016 13:50

Came to TARTINE for lunch. For my first time having tartine , I ordered a Lobster & Homemade Bechamel Tartine. It was soooo good, it came with a lobster bisque to pour on it. The service is always friendly . They have two floors, deco with marble table and gold/copper . They also have outside seating which is awesome in the summer.

Angelina C.
1 arvostelu tähän mennessä 5
12.01.2017 13:41

Very good service. Help us to take photo and always come over to see our needs. Moreover we find one of the dessert turn bad and they willing to waive for us. They treasure clients opinion

Christine P.
32 arvostelua tähän mennessä 5
21.12.2016 07:31

We had requested the terrace but got seated on 2nd floor. Reseated on terrace after some checking and love e setting. Food is good and not just tartine. We love everything even the spaghetti. Very noisy though due to the road construction and the private party. Will come back when the roadwork is done

Pam C.
1 arvostelu tähän mennessä 5
10.10.2016 10:39

Was surprised to see the restaurant almost empty on a Saturday evening cos the food was good and value for money (by French restaurant standard). We tried the octopus salad and lamb, recommended. The tartine was pretty good too. And they do buy one get one happy hour. The service was pretty good as well, they lent my beau a phone charger, saved his life lol. Definitely worth a visit.

Felicity D.
1 arvostelu tähän mennessä 3
03.05.2017 13:34

This place is in a great spot with a pretty outdoor terrace. The French waiter was delightful and trying awfully hard to make this work...but, no sorry, it just didn't work for us. The French rose we ordered was warm and the food is only about eggs. I know the website is all 'the concept' of eggs but Tartine would do well to have a kitchen that can make a tartine or two!

Vera Y.
1 arvostelu tähän mennessä 5
09.08.2016 23:26

The tartine platter was so good. The tomatoes and cheese and salmon avocado one were fresh .Taste of the lobster and ham & cheese one were just to perfect for my friend and me. Environment is amazing too!

Sabrina C.
1 arvostelu tähän mennessä 4
07.06.2017 08:21

There was just one waiter for the whole terrasse on a busy Saturday afternoon. Therefore we had to wait for quite a long time to get our drink and food orders. The food is very tasty, I would definitely go there again.

Viviane H.
2 arvostelua tähän mennessä 5
13.05.2016 08:29

It was already my fourth time at Tartine. They have a new menu now and food taste equally delicious! Try to get a seat at the rooftop if possible. Must try Howard!

vishal m.
6 arvostelua tähän mennessä 3
17.03.2016 11:18

Nice environment right next to the escalator on Lyndhurst terrace. However, the food is not the typical gourmet French and anything close to it... I had the ham and cheese Béchamel and the prawn salad which was very sparse on prawns and consisted mainly of just lettuce. Hope their weekend brunch is better.

Kylie U.
2 arvostelua tähän mennessä 4
06.05.2016 13:17

Great food with options to 1, 2 or 3 tartines, or combinations with something other lighter dishes. Good house wine, lovely decorations and tableware. As with many, if not most, new restaurants these days, quite noisy.

Fiona L.
4 arvostelua tähän mennessä 5
15.02.2016 10:01

Tartine is a really good place to chill and dinner with a small group of friends! In love with the terrace and the environment! Perfect

T Y L.
1 arvostelu tähän mennessä 5
23.06.2016 07:22

Food is good. Onion soup taste too salty, cut 50% of salt would be fine. Pear tart is excellent. Background music a bit too loud.

Markus L.
1 arvostelu tähän mennessä 5
30.10.2016 10:29

Food was excellent. Had 2 different tartines and 2 sides. Service was a bit mixed. Made up for it by offering a free refill though.

Anthea F.
1 arvostelu tähän mennessä 5
22.11.2016 01:58

The food is good (loved the soft boiled egg) and the staff is friendly, but it's a bit pricey and the portion is relatively small.

Marine B.
1 arvostelu tähän mennessä 5
16.02.2016 08:03

Gréât place! Delicious and very nice team! We tested only the restaurant but we will definitely come back to test the rooftop bar. Great atmosphere

Karen C.
2 arvostelua tähän mennessä 5
16.05.2016 10:54

The music was sort of distracting, but otherwise great food, service and ambience. The lobster and truffle tartines were heavenly. Ww will definitely come back!

Quincy G.
1 arvostelu tähän mennessä 5
15.02.2016 10:35

It was an interesting night of music, wine, and mouth-watering "tartines" (which is basically bread or toast topped with various cheeses, meats, and vegetables).

Fung Yee N.
2 arvostelua tähän mennessä 4
22.05.2016 17:45

The portion was quite little but the taste was really good! I would recommend if you want to have small bites and a really nice place to hang out in.

Wendy C.
1 arvostelu tähän mennessä 4
12.01.2016 13:37

Good was good and tasty. Worth of trying. Location was great and very central. However the server took a wrong order but it did turn out to be good.

Liz P.
4 arvostelua tähän mennessä 3
18.04.2016 10:47

Went for lunch so this is only a lunch review but I thought the set menu (they do not offer a la cart for lunch) was pricey for what you get.

Amy L.
1 arvostelu tähän mennessä 3
18.10.2016 10:04

the tartine was delicious, however the portion is too big, it's too much for a lady. there is not even one baby chair available, which is quite disappointing.

Audrey W.
1 arvostelu tähän mennessä 3
28.05.2016 08:35

The service was good but the food quality was nothing to write home about. The dishes were not bad but they could have been executed much, much better.

Leo N.
2 arvostelua tähän mennessä 3
14.06.2016 07:15

Good environment, good service, good food. The location is very convenient, will definitely visit again just because of the balcony and the cheese /ham bread.

Bruno G.
1 arvostelu tähän mennessä 2
02.04.2017 10:27

Food was very disappointing Croque monsieur was cold Quiche was nothing exiting Good sancerre but no one asked me if I wanted a refill .... Won't come back

Karen L.
1 arvostelu tähän mennessä 5
21.03.2016 22:03

Excellent food and service! Great atmosphere! Highly recommend for gatherings!

Ryan T.
1 arvostelu tähän mennessä 4
18.12.2016 16:02

Good environment. Will go next time. Entrees are better than main actually.