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  • Maanantai 12:00 - 23:00
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  • Keskiviikko 12:00 - 23:00
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Sohofama, 35 Aberdeen Street Unit SG09-SG14, G/F., Block A, PMQ, Sheung Wan Hong Kong

74 arvostelua

4.9 /6 Loistava 74 arvostelua
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Brittany A.
1 arvostelu tähän mennessä 6
12.08.2017 11:46

The food and service was absolutely amazing! Very amenable to guests needs. Staff was knowledgable and kind as well. Definitely a spot I will be returning to!

Marisa H.
1 arvostelu tähän mennessä 6
25.07.2017 07:49

I highly recommend Sohofama due to its friendly staff who provide great service, the fresh and flavourful food (especially love the Ma Po Tofu) and the lovely ambience

Susan L.
1 arvostelu tähän mennessä 6
10.07.2017 07:36

Service was excellent and food was healthy and delicious. Ambience was nice too. They even called after my reservation to ask whether I wanted indoors or outdoors and gave me a comfortable and private sofa seat. All in all very pleasant experience

M B.
1 arvostelu tähän mennessä 6
28.06.2017 08:23

Excellent food great service would definitely recommend . Perfect blend of flavours. Melt in the mouth steak and perfectly cooked fish. Lovely mango desert to follow

Ingrid E.
2 arvostelua tähän mennessä 6
03.03.2017 08:28

The food at Sohofama was fantastic - we started with delicious pork buns, then followed with beautiful tea-smoked duck, green beans with prawns and miso eggplant. The wine selection was well chosen and reasonably priced, and the service was very friendly. It is a beautiful space that makes you feel completely away from the hustle and bustle of Hong Kong.

Arabella C.
1 arvostelu tähän mennessä 6
16.04.2017 09:19

Wonderful food and fantastically atmospheric setting sitting out in the coutysrd of the beautifully converted old police married quarters. We particularly enjoyed the Peking duck which was the best we've ever eaten and delicious dim sum, but also ate some delicious less conventional dishes. Next to the tiny charming little G. O.D market. Attentive and helpful staff. Excellent vibe. Definitely put this in your list of places to eat when in Hong Kong .

Tracy T.
1 arvostelu tähän mennessä 6
22.10.2016 18:16

Sohofama has an extensive menu and the food quality is high. The restaurant setting is nice and relaxed and the price point is reasonable. We would definitely come back, especially for the truffle Xiao long Bao!

Stan L.
4 arvostelua tähän mennessä 5
24.03.2016 16:24

My friend and I wanted to sit outside at the patio but it was getting a bit cold. The staff then moved the heater right next to us and turned it on. Service was excellent. Set lunch menu hasn't changed since the last time I visited. Was hoping to eat something different once in awhile. Dishes were quite good but the portion is hardly enough for grown men. Yet, still a quite enjoyable experience.

Jennifer C.
1 arvostelu tähän mennessä 6
05.11.2016 06:50

all the food is delicious, great for sharing with friends so you can try a bit of everything, staff are super friendly and helpful, tunes are awesomely retro, well they were on a Friday night loved it and its so nice to be in an open outdoor area in HK thats central but feels tucked away.

Emmanuel H.
1 arvostelu tähän mennessä 5
10.06.2016 18:13

The wait staff had this hilarious look of perpetual confusion on their faces. I think they're terrified of their boss haha. Nevertheless, the food was good, the design and ambience are well done, drinks were tasty. Would return. Oh and the restaurant inside was a bit small, so there were these really loud silais next to us, but they ate quickly and left lol. Again, would return!

Rebecca S.
1 arvostelu tähän mennessä 5
05.03.2017 08:00

Sohofama offered a huge choice of dishes and everything we ordered was delicious. The venue is beautiful and provides a calm atmosphere. We loved it.

Keiko L.
1 arvostelu tähän mennessä 6
15.08.2016 07:43

Great food and atmosphere! This was the first time in a very long time for me to relish Chinese food without fearing the undesirable consequences of MSG ridden toxic food. Wish we had a similar health conscious Chinese restaurant in Tokyo!

Pauleen F.
1 arvostelu tähän mennessä 6
24.02.2017 07:54

Extensive menu, very relaxed atmosphere, fabulous food and great service. The staff were very happy for us to sit and chat a while before ordering without any pressure to order. The food came quickly and everything we tried was excellent.

Euprasia L.
1 arvostelu tähän mennessä 4
21.03.2016 09:24

Since I was going with some tourists friends, was hoping to give them a taste of the resto's signature dishes. It turned out to be a shame since there had been a menu update and their signature dishes sold out. Guess it would have been great if we made extra requests to reserve those particular dishes too. Oh wells.

Sabina S.
1 arvostelu tähän mennessä 6
07.03.2016 07:36

Loved the food and the outdoor space! Didn't feel like I was in busy HK, a real oasis and great exquisite chinese food. Nice small portions that satisfy the tastebuds. Cant wait to bring my kids here.

Brian L.
1 arvostelu tähän mennessä 6
20.11.2016 06:54

The back patio atmosphere was great and the food was even better! A little hard to find through the corridor, but once you do it is well worth the trip. The beef sliders were delicious!

Serene H.
19 arvostelua tähän mennessä 5
23.11.2015 21:28

The ambience was nice. Food portions were small, can be bigger for the price! Had the lunch set at $128, which is reasonable. I like the outdoor seatings better. The indoor area closed after 3pm and we were asked to move outside.

Connie W.
7 arvostelua tähän mennessä 6
08.06.2016 12:51

The outdoor area is the best part of the restaurant. It is quiet with a nice buzz complemented with fresh air. There is no smoking at the outdoor space so it's perfect for us!

Katie R.
1 arvostelu tähän mennessä 6
10.03.2017 08:13

Lots of choice on the menu for meat lovers and vegetarians in a great location. Decent priced wine list, and lots of delicious cocktails to choose from. Would recommend for first time HK visitors.

Beverly B.
1 arvostelu tähän mennessä 5
01.05.2017 10:33

Good food, typical Chinese dishes but always with an interesting twist. We loved the shrimp with pomegranate sauce and the plum pork. Salt and pepper squid was a bit too salty for me. Great, attentive service from our server.

Connie W.
7 arvostelua tähän mennessä 6
08.06.2016 12:47

Very consistent service and food quality. Drinks and cocktails were impressive. It was unfortunate that the outdoor area was occupied by private function. That's our favorite part of the restaurant!

Daniella M.
9 arvostelua tähän mennessä 5
16.10.2016 18:38

Terrific food, and fun atmosphere with my friends. They ran out of Peking duck unfortunately but will definitely be back to try! Shanghai dumplings and skewers were awesome, as was the crab and sticky rice. NOM!

Holly L.
1 arvostelu tähän mennessä 5
10.01.2017 20:08

Good ambience and cocktails, great place to hang out with friends after work. Unique menu with very healthy ingredients, relatively expensive tho. Recommend the free range bellota plum pork with garlic sauce, very soft and delicious.

Kimberly L.
1 arvostelu tähän mennessä 6
01.02.2016 12:47

Fresh and organic ingredients. Bold flavors. Great service and atmosphere. Prices are a bit higher but worth it for the quality ingredients. I will definitely be going back again.

Kyle B.
2 arvostelua tähän mennessä 5
24.08.2016 09:56

Good food; had a good combination of vegetables and meat. Really like the green juice and the organic spirits. The beef and quinoa was excellent. Great atmosphere; sat outside. Would go again for sure.

Angelica C.
1 arvostelu tähän mennessä 6
13.10.2016 09:27

Love the interior and the fusion concept of E&W. Simple menu. Great Chinese Ingredients-inspired cocktails. Very attentive staff. Overall, an enjoyable dinning experience and my guest was satisfied.

Mandy S.
1 arvostelu tähän mennessä 6
24.01.2017 17:08

Enjoyable atmosphere at terrace, though not easy to find if enter Fr Staunton Street, lunch menu is simple with enough options! Good option to chill out with friends

Danielle B.
1 arvostelu tähän mennessä 5
20.03.2016 10:23

Good Chinese food and good service, however the wine list is limited. The food was fresh and tasty, and was served with good timing. Polite and helpful staff. Nice outdoor area for seating.

Tiffany L.
4 arvostelua tähän mennessä 6
15.10.2016 12:06

amazing chinese food that uses natural and organic ingredients sourced from local farms and no MSG! no doubt one of the best restaurants in hong kong

Yasmin W.
1 arvostelu tähän mennessä 4
13.07.2017 07:26

Good home cooked food, attentive servers but the cost of the diet coke and rule by the glass and not the can is terrible. It is almost annoying and not worth going because the drinks were very expensive.

Sue H.
1 arvostelu tähän mennessä 5
18.10.2016 08:21

The food is full of flavour and healthy.The staff are very friendly and helpful. It is so worth a visit if only for the great drinks list! healthy cocktails!! amazing!

Tina D.
2 arvostelua tähän mennessä 6
10.05.2017 07:15

First time here for lunch. The set lunch was good value, pleasant service and my friends and I thoroughly enjoyed out lunch. Will definitely return.

Julie D.
1 arvostelu tähän mennessä 5
18.07.2016 10:17

The food was delicious and healthy. There were so many options, we didn't know what to choose! Loved the atmosphere. The drinks were overpriced, but that is my only complaint.

MAy Y.
1 arvostelu tähän mennessä 5
02.07.2017 14:08

Excellent friendly attentive service and innovative menu - the tea duck is amazing ; the egg yolk prawn was Not crunchy enough . Will go back to try other dishes.

Fifi K.
1 arvostelu tähän mennessä 6
18.10.2016 09:09

Delicious food, we sat outside which was lovely, and the set lunch is great value for money. Highly recommend and will definitely be going back.

Joyce A.
1 arvostelu tähän mennessä 4
29.03.2016 11:48

Great food. We had a mix of dumplings and noodles. Service was a bit patchy. It was hard to get the attention of wait staff. Will come back and try again as our visit was during Easter.

Brenda H.
2 arvostelua tähän mennessä 5
05.04.2016 21:03

Good was great and service has been quite accommodating as well. Have requested for the outdoor bar table after the meal and they have arranged for that. Superb service.

Cathy K.
1 arvostelu tähän mennessä 5
29.06.2016 08:13

Great food. Chic, hip place. Great experience Though the restaurant is a bit understaffed, foods came pretty fast. I loved their quinoa dish with beef and raw eggyolk

Brenda Y.
1 arvostelu tähän mennessä 2
13.09.2016 11:17

Although the food was ok the service was really slow. appetiser didn't come till after I cancelled the order. We ordered 5 items only 3 came. Very disappointed. We could see the delivery orders were going at a mad pace. Perhaps they should have separate kitchens for delivery and sit down customers. We heard the next table was complaining their missing order too. Probably will not go again.

Josh N.
1 arvostelu tähän mennessä 5
14.11.2016 07:51

Great food, good atmosphere. Black truffle Xiai Long Bao are a must try! Also try out the cocktail menu, plum sour is a a good pre-dinner aperitif!

Aurianne R.
1 arvostelu tähän mennessä 5
07.08.2017 11:06

Attending staff was very nice, helpful and fun. Food and drinks were overall quite good although we thought the portions were not large enough for the price.

Laura V.
1 arvostelu tähän mennessä 5
15.07.2016 07:27

sohofama has a great atmosphere. It's the perfect place to meet and have a catch up with friends. The food was delicious and staff were attentive.

jakob m.
1 arvostelu tähän mennessä 5
15.10.2016 15:04

Great food in cosy atmosphere. Modern Chine cuisine with some HK specialties with a twist. Highlights were the crab, drunken egg and truffle xia long bao.

Cheryl L.
2 arvostelua tähän mennessä 5
28.01.2017 07:06

Great food & nice to be able to sit outdoors. If you go for the weekday lunch they don't have all the dim sum items available.

Angie F.
1 arvostelu tähän mennessä 5
24.04.2016 09:26

Delicious food in a relaxed alfresco setting. Keen friendly staff. Prices are what you'd expect in this area. I would definitely. The squid was delicious.

Veronica T.
1 arvostelu tähän mennessä 5
13.10.2016 12:57

We had a weekend lunch there, it was a good experience. Quiet and we were very satisfied with both the healthy food and good service.

Hilary P.
2 arvostelua tähän mennessä 5
03.10.2016 19:56

The outdoor space is well decorated & the seating arrangement was comfortable. The menu has a great variety of fresh, local, organic, and healthy food.

Melissa B.
1 arvostelu tähän mennessä 5
05.08.2017 11:00

The service is always very good and the fresh ingredients are permitted to star thanks to their commitment to clean cooking which minimizes oil. We

Jody S.
1 arvostelu tähän mennessä 5
14.06.2017 07:12

Good clean Chinese food with good flavours. Friendly service. Relaxed experience. Interesting drinks options both alcoholic and alcohol free. A good reliable favourite in hK.

Tiffany P.
1 arvostelu tähän mennessä 5
20.06.2016 08:19

We are never disappointed with the food here. We ordered the set lunch this time which made it even better value too. Service is friendly.